Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!

It's been a rough day in Nicole Sandler-land. A fitting end to a very strange week, I suppose.

After wrapping up last night's show at 1am ET, I finally fell asleep somewhere in the neighborhood of 2am, with the music of and stories about Michael Jackson emanating from my television. The sleep timer, thankfully, ended the Jacko deluge, and I slept peacefully until 6:00 this morning. That's when my dogs both jumped up, clearly alarmed by something.

Then I heard an odd beep that I'd never before heard. When I realized it was coming from the "uninterruptable power source" I bought last week after Florida's thunderstorms kept knocking out my power in a series of surges, I glanced over at the darkened clock which confirmed that the power was off.

I awakened again at 7, this time deciding to call the power company. They said that they were aware of the problem, and expected power to be restored by 10:45am to the 155 customers who were affected by this outage. At 11:00, the message had been changed to an expected restoration time of 11:45 and, at noon, they said we'd probably have our power back by 4pm!

So, I did what any self-respecting, sweaty South Floridian without air conditioning should do under similar circumstances-- I went to the movies! After enjoying Angels & Demons more than I thought I would, I checked in again with FP&L (Florida Power & Light), who had moved their estimated time of our return to air conditioning and all the other luxuries that electricity affords, to 6PM.

Lucky for me, the theater across from which I sat making phone calls was to start showing The Proposal 15 minutes later! I called a friend to ask if I could use his studio tonight, just in case power wasn't back on by 11pm, and thankfully, he was able to accommodate me. So, I wandered in to watch the sweet, albeit predictable romantic comedy... figuring that surely my power would be on by the time it was over.

That'll teach me to call anyone surely.... (sorry, it's been a long day). When I arrived home at 7pm, the geniuses at FPL said that their new target time was 7:50. I had already decided that 8:00 was my cut-off time. So, when 8:00 hit and it was getting too dark to do anything more at home, I made one final call. That's when the recording said that they couldn't give us a time when power would be back on.

So, I opened the windows for the pups, filled their water and food bowls, and headed down to Coral Gables to the Atlantic Radio Network studios, which is where I'm now sitting, recounting the not-too-pleasant events of the day.

The only positive aspect I can come up with is that I was not subject to another day of wall-to-wall coverage of the fact that Michael Jackson is dead.

So, here we are on a Friday night. During tonight's first hour, I will share some of the emails I received today about last night's show. Actually, they were pretty evenly split... between those who thanked me for being realistic and calling Michael Jackson's actions as I saw them, and those who though I was completely out of line. Wait till you hear some of these comments.

In our second hour, we'll segue into healthy sex (as opposed to talking about grown men with a freakish preoccupation with young boys). I'll be joined by Chrystal Bougon, Chief Toy Officer of and Sex Expert for Better Sex Radio. Chrystal has personally facilitated over 1,000 Pleasure Parties over the last 6.5 years and has talked with thousands of women about their sex lives or lack there of. It is, after all, the weekend...

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