Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back by Popular Demand... Ben Folds Five too...

Well, I really didn't expect to be doing this again. But I do appreciate the email I received from a few of you, saying that you'd like to hear the interviews even if I had to delete the songs.

Gina, who I believe is in the Netherlands, wrote "It’s for the contents of the interview, the things that are being said, people tune in i guess... Hearing the music is cool too, but we can play those ourselves.. Perhaps you could delete the music but show in a message what songs were played...
If you have more interviews in stock that are worth listening to, i’d say go for it...
... And yes, listening to interviews isn’t any less attractive if there’s no music in it..."

And from David in Santa Monica... one of the old-time KSCA listeners, "Keep doing the podcast if you can; interviews, stories, whatever. You always had us as soon as we heard you, the music was only a fraction of the attraction."

The kind words mean more than you know... So, let's give this another shot... I will let you know which songs were played, so you can find them and plug them in yourself, if you so choose. (And perhaps a kindly worded email might get me to share the live version with you!)

So, today we travel back to October of 1995... the very first Los Angeles radio appearance by Ben Folds Five....

Monday, May 22, 2006

The End of the Line

Well, it's been fun. Unfortunately the time has come to put the Radio Or Not Podcast to bed.

The cost of paying ASCAP and BMI fees is prohibitive, especially since I don't make any money from this site. So I have no choice but to discontinue the podcast.

Thanks to all who've listened, and especially those of you who've written in to say you enjoyed what you heard. Perhaps I'll take the show back to the airwaves one of these days.

In the meantime, you can still reach me at radioornot@gmail.com, and I'll try to keep up with a blog of some sorts at here at radioornot.com.

Thanks for listening!
Nicole Sandler