Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Learning as I go along

Wow, there sure is a lot to learn about the world of podcasting.

I currently have the file of my first show, the Dave Matthews interview, hosted on my business website (legacyvideoproductions.com), but I'm going to quickly run out of bandwidth. So, before I post my next show (which will likely be a Ray Davies interview), I need to find a new solution.

Because there's so much gray area when it comes to music licensing issues, I want to make sure that wherever I choose to host the files won't boot me off!

I want to be legit, so spent a good amount of time yesterday on the phone with reps from ASCAP and BMI, filled out and signed their agreements, wrote a couple of checks and put them in the mail.

If you're a seasoned podcaster, and have any suggestions or recommendations for me, I'd love the feedback! Though I know radio, this is a brave new world.... Feel free to post here, or send me a private email. All suggestions, comments, feedback are welcomed!

As for why I entitled the Podcast "Radio Or Not" there are a number of reasons. Obviously it's clever (don't you think?). After 26 years in "professional radio", I'm happy to think that my love affair with great music can continue, and I can continue sharing it with people who I don't necessarily know, radio or not!


Randy T. said...

Although I didn't exactly LOVE the triple A format, I did like SOME of the music, and of course, loved YOU. Glad you're into the podcasting thing now. I'm doing a little net broadcasting myself on the Live 365 system. Maybe you should do some of that too---it pays for the licensing! But I'll be doing a podcast soon myself , using the materials from my live 365 stuff.
Good luck and cheers!
Great to see you back
(I know, you probably never left!)

Randy Tivens
Sherman Oaks, CA
or on Live 365:

RadioOrNot said...

Thanks for the very kind words! I actually did leave... left LA shortly after 9/11/01, and left radio about a year ago. But it's in the blood.... So, we'll see what happens with this!
Check back... I've got LOTS of great interviews waiting to be posted... Just waiting for the ok from the artists!

David Johnson said...

You might want to talk to Adam Curry aka The PodFather [the Daily Source Code podcast] (adam@curry.com) as he is also a pod-jockie. ex-radio jock he has set up a site to help podcasters as you know the bandwidth issue can become a problem quickly.

Could you repost episodes 1 and 2 so they are also available via iTunes as well..

Licensing has been a major issue.. And can be a major expense ergo pod safe music was born.. might also want to check it out..