Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Radio Or Not Show #2-- Ray Davies (yes, The Kinks' Ray Davies!)

It was a banner week at KSCA. The day before Ray Davies came in, Elvis Costello graced the Music Hall! And then he played a KSCA show at the Troubadour with Steve Nieve, which we broadcast live. Burt Bacharach was there, and after I gushed and told him that I grew up with his music, he told me that he enjoyed listening to me on the air!

So, I was riding pretty high already... and then Ray Davies came in! It was May 15, 1996.

His book, "X-Ray" had just come out in paperback, and I was 40 or so pages away from finishing it! (A great read, by the way!) And he was touring with his one-man show, "20th Century Man", which gave VH-1 the idea for "Storytellers".

Alhtough he didn't perform as most visitors to the station did, he gave me probably my favorite interview of my career. He was charming, and incredibly flirtatious. There is a postcript to the interview... actually two. I'll share them with you another time.

But for now, enjoy Ray Davies... from 1996... on Radio Or Not....

Nicole & Ray Davies


Daniel Green said...

Wonderful interview/conversation. I also remember the one you did with Evan Dando. It seemed rather magical.