Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Don't Know Everything!

That's a really brash statement for a talk show host to make. But it's the truth.

There aren't many in my line of work who'll admit it. What I do know is how to ask questions to find the answers. That's what I'll do tonight.

The G20 summit convened today in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I hear the words "global economy" and my eyes begin glazing over. But, in my line of work, that's not permissible.

But, I figured, if I react that way, I'd guess there are lots of others out there like me who don't understand what the leaders of these 20 world economic powers are gathering to do. I know there's something not quite right about it, but don't know why this gets people out of their homes and taking to the streets to protest (and why they don't do it in the name of health care for all!).

I still can't answer the second part of that question, and won't be able to tonight either. But I hope to get answers to the first part.

In the first hour of tonight's show, I'll be joined by Lori Wallach, the Global Trade Watch Director at Public Citizen. I'll ask her to explain what the G20 is all about, what it's connection is to the WTO, and how it affects policies like NAFTA and CAFTA.

Just to get you started before the program begins, Public Citizen issued this statement:

The Obama administration must carry the message at the G-20 that “Financial Stability Comes Before the WTO.” Please call Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division at 202-546-4996, or visit www.TradeWatch.Org – for access to a database detailing U.S. WTO service-sector commitments, along with fact sheets and other information describing how so-called “trade” policy affects you.

In hour two, it's my standing Thursday midnight date with comedian John Fugelsang. We'll chat about what's happening in the news today. Usually Christy Harvey does that with me on Thursday nights, but she's not feeling well today, so John and I will pick up the slack.

BTW, if you hear him every week and don't think you've seen him... you have. Check out his reel:

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