Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm a Bad Jew

Happy New Year, for some of us, anyway. It's 5770. I wonder how all of those who were out in DC on Saturday claiming that we live in a Christian nation are paying attention to how many Americans are celebrating Rosh Hashana tonight.

I'm a bad Jew. Non-religious, non-observant. But Jewish, nonetheless. And I resent anyone telling me that my country is a Christian nation. And doubly resent those people who are claiming to be Christian doing so while trying to keep their fellow human beings from having access to quality, affordable health care. It just doesn't jive.

Like the bad Jew that I am, I will be working tonight. Though I'm not quite sure what tonight's show will bring. Larisa Alexandrova of Raw Story and was supposed to join me in the first hour. But she's just returned from a hospital stay and is not feeling well.

And she'll probably not be too happy with me for divulging the fact that she, like millions of other Americans, does not have health insurance. It's not for lack of trying. She has one of those pesky "pre-existing conditions" and even though she had continuous coverage, is still being denied insurance now! (If you want to help her out, visit and make a donation. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

So, either Larisa will call in, or she'll be sleeping. For her sake, I hope it's the latter. If that's the case, we'll fill the first hour with news clips, commentary and calls. (That's where you come in, at 866-303-2270.)

In the second hour, to finish off the week, I'll be joined by comedian Rick Overton. Rick's been in tons of movies, and is seen in The Informant, opposite Matt Damon, which opened today.

Since I knew he'd be joining me tonight, I went to a matinee today. And I did one thing every observant Jew does on holidays...went out for Chinese food tonight!

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elkojohn said...

I enjoyed your conversation with Rick Overton.
There are many good-hearted, compassionate, informed people in the US.
And there are also many ignorant, apathetic, hateful, selfish people in the US.
I suppose the capitalist system, at its best, would be ''enlightened self-interest'' -- and would include caring about all the people. But many of the ''haves'' in our system have the philosophy, ''I got mine, now you get yours.'' In other words, low income workers and families don't deserve to have crime-free neighborhoods, affordable housing or healthcare BECAUSE they are low income.
In the 1930's, when the ''have-nots'' were approaching 30-40%, we were on the brink of an armed revolution. FDR saved the system for the capitalists. Now, it only makes sense to have affordable health care for all. Obama is trying to save the system for the capitalists. How can one have life, liberty and pursuit of happiness without healthcare? Why should adequate healthcare depend on whether you are high income or low income? When will the 45-million without healthcare raise hell, and take to the streets in protest, screaming ''I'm as mad as hell, and I not going to take it anymore'' -- ??