Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eric Massa and Howie Klein

Two great Americans. Seriously! And they were my first two guests of the new year on my Air America radio show last night.

Howie Klein is an old acquaintance from my days in music radio in Los Angeles, and Howie's days as President of Reprise Records! As our lives progressed and I moved to issues-based talk radio and Howie retired and launched DownWithTyranny.com, he's become a frequent guest and friend.

Through DWT's partnership with John Amato's Crooks and Liars and Digby's Hullabaloo, they formed the Blue America PAC which identifies and helps progressive candidates around the country.

One of the candidates they helped is Eric Massa, Congressman from Western NY state. Eric Massa is one of the most outspoken and principled members of the House and, as such, as being targeted by the right. You can help support him at www.massaforcongress.com.

Both Congressman Massa and Howie Klein joined me on Air America radio for my first show of the new year. (Click on the links to listen to the interviews.) Now, that's the way to kick off a decade!


rustedaspie said...

If Byron Dorgan is unmoved in his request to run again boldprogressives.org should hold challengers for the open seat accountable on Dorgan's issues like drug importing to lower prices. Maybe Dorgan knows of a candidate who is electable and progressive and could endorse and stump support.

rustedaspie said...

Article Ray McGovern mentioned (December 22, 1963) is available for purchase from Wash Post web site when searching in 1877-1986 historical archives. Can also search in newspaper databases offered by public libraries and retrieve text for free. One may need to type one's library card number to enter database.
For easier searching for full text:
Title of article is "Limit CIA Role To Intelligence."
by Harry S. Truman
December 22, 1963. Was on Pg A11.

Bobby33x said...

We are embroiled in the Middle East because our policy in the Middle East is dictated by Tel Aviv and the Israel Lobby here in the USA. We would never have been attacked on 9/11 were it not for our giving Israel Billions upon Billions of taxpayer monies in the form of loans (which are invariably forgiven), military aid, direct grants, and numerous "off budget" items that would outrage Americans if our Left-Wing media ever reported the "whole truth."
Ending our massive aid to Israel will end our need to have a presence in the Middle East - Let Israeli blood be spilled for Israeli interests!