Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday August 28

Hear my thoughts on yesterday's speeches -- listen to today's Radio Or Not show by clicking here.

Tonight's the big night! Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party's nomination. It's history in the making, and a night we'll tell our grandchildren about. I'm as excited about it as a kid who's going to the prom. I'll be watching the festivities with members and friends of the Coral Gables area Democratic Club at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus. If you don't already have plans, come on down and join us!

Last night was pretty impressive too! Although the biggest raves are going out for Bill Clinton - much deserved - and Joe Biden - not his strongest speech, in my opinion, I want to sing the praises, for a moment, of John Kerry.

Here's my question: Where was this guy 4 years ago? If we had seen this John Kerry, the world might be a different place today! Kerry's speech didn't get much coverage so, if you didn't see it, do yourself a favor and watch it now!

Joe Biden was... well... ok. Honestly, I expected more. I believe that he was probably overtaken by well-meaning advisors and speechwriters who stripped him of the real-guy essence that is Joe Biden. And that's too bad. I think we'll see the real Joe come out on the campaign trail over the next 2 months. I sure hope so.

That said, Biden wasn't bad. He just wasn't the guy I expected to see. See for yourself:

And then there was my man Bill. Finally, the Bill Clinton I loved. He was back last night, in the finest form. It reminded me of the good old days...

A few notes about the RadioOrNot podcast. I'm getting more comfortable in my home studio, and am working out some of the bugs. Thanks to Marc Germain, of, for helping me out with tips and software.

I used to listen to Marc on the radio in Los Angeles, when he was knows as Mr. KFI and later as Mr. KABC, at the radio stations associated with those call letters. Last year, he moved over to LA's Progressive Talk station, KTLK, as Mr. K... but also used his real name. Although he was the only local host, he was soon let go and replaced with another syndicated show.

Seeing the future of radio as online, Marc started And he's been very supportive since my path looks to be following his. I encourage you to check out his show!

Now, as the RadioOrNot podcast develops, it will hopefully become more and more like a regular radio show - except that it'll be online. If you're not yet familiar with Skype, you probably should be. It allows you to make free phone calls all over the world to other Skype users.

If you are on Skype, you can call in to me. Just search for nicolesandler. Call in. If I'm in the studio, I'll record the call and use our conversation on an upcoming show. And if I'm not there, just leave your comments on the voicemail, and I may use that too!

Hopefully by tomorrow or next week, I'll have a phone number you can call from any phone. We're getting there... Radio or Not!

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JerseyJim said...

Ah what a privilege to be the first to comment.

Now that summer's nearly over and we're on the verge of the "real campaign", it seems to me that the key to victory is rather simple--both candidates need to be very aggressive and disciplined on a day-in, day-out basis, and of course, Biden, as the vice-presidential candidate is in a position to be more aggressive. I agree with Nicole that we'll see plenty of the "real Joe" this fall, after a not awful, but less than stellar presentation last night.

But McCain needs to be linked up daily to Bush--we need to hear a lot about "Bush's third term" and "John McBush". And neither candidate should engage in small talk with the press that will lead to distractions.

Bottom line--when Democrats follow this formula, as they did in 1992 and 96, they win. When they are not both aggressive and disciplined, as was the case in 2000 and 2004, they lose, even though they may have technically won in both of those years.

Republicans have'nt won an election on the issues since 1980 (and even then they wouldn't have won without Jimmy Carter having experienced some very bad luck).

auerbob said...

Saturday's Herald carried three letters to the editor concerning the loss of local Progressive programming when WINZ removed Nicole from the air. I wrote one of those letters. We all need contact our local Progesssive Politicians and Candidates and have them protest the change. It is their access to the electorate that has been silenced.