Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday, August 29- Yes We Can... We Just Did!

The Radio Or Not Podcast for Friday 8/29/08 Runtime 18:30

We made history last night. The thing that Barack Obama said toward the end of that very powerful speech is why I say we made history:

But I stand before you tonight because all across America something is stirring. What the nay-sayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me. It's been about you.
For eighteen long months, you have stood up, one by one, and said enough to the politics of the past. You understand that in this election, the greatest risk we can take is to try the same old politics with the same old players and expect a different result. You have shown what history teaches us - that at defining moments like this one, the change we need doesn't come from Washington. Change comes to Washington. Change happens because the American people demand it - because they rise up and insist on new ideas and new leadership, a new politics for a new time.

And that's really what it was, and what it will be when we take back our country!

I'm fairly sure that anyone interested enough in our world to seek out this blog and listen to the podcast saw Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination last night, but just in case you didn't, or just want to see it again, here it is.

If you want to read the speech, you can do that here.

For today's podcast, I produced a "Change" mix, using a Sheryl Crow song that she played during last night's festivities, as well as John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change," along with the words of Barack Obama, and a few from Al Gore as well.

I couldn't help but think, as Al Gore spoke so eloquently, where we'd be if the Supreme Court didn't abuse their authority in 2000 to take the presidency away from the man who rightfully won it! I don't think we would have been attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. I believe Gore would have taken the Presidential Daily Briefing that arrived a few weeks earlier and proclaimed "Bin Laden determined to strike in the US" very seriously.

I believe we would not be in the midst of a terrible recession with people, ME INCLUDED, losing their jobs and struggling to pay their bills! I believe gas would not be hovering between $3.75 and $4.00 a gallon!

But, we can't dwell on the past and the "what ifs"... we have to look to the future. And I heard a beautiful future in the words Barack Obama spoke last night. Now we just have to make those words reality!

I want to hear your thoughts on what transpired this week. I want to add your voices to the show, as they were the most important part of my old radio program. I've added a phone line that you can call any time. If I'm in the studio, I'll answer, and record our call, and possibly use it on an upcoming episode. If I'm not in the studio, voicemail will answer. Please leave your comments and thoughts... I may use the recording on the show as well! The number is 954-889-6410. If you're in Skype, you can skype me, using the id nicolesandler.

I will add a poll soon, if I can figure it out, to get your thoughts on a couple of questions... But you can email your responses as well to radioornot @ If I can get a live stream going and take calls and do the program in real time, what time would you like that to happen? Since most of us don't have internet access in our cars - yet - drivetime is probably not the best time to do this. Please let me know, as it'll only work if you're there and listening, and calling!

Feel free to comment in the comments section, call in to 954-889-6410, and spread the word that our voices will still be heard, Radio Or Not!

I ended today's show with the audio from Will.I.Am and John Legend, performing "Yes We Can" last night. Here's the video...

Hear today's show, which runs 18:30 (thanks to a listener suggestion, I'll give you the running time each day) here!


jerseyjim said...

CNN analyst David Gergen, who knows his way around politics-- having worked for four presidents--Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton--summed up Barack's speech very well by saying that it was more like a symphony than a political speech.

Obama had several important tasks to accomplish with that speech and he got it all done--inspired the base, outlined some specifics (without making it sound like a laundry list), and reached out to the white working class.

Oh and by the way, Earth to John McCain: What exactly is it about Sarah Palin, a former fisherman,and political novice,and now embroiled in a scandal over possible unethical use of the State Police in Alaska, that makes her qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? It's a poor choice and an overtly cynical ploy to win disaffected Hillary supporters--nice try, but don't think it will work, John.

auerbob said...


Should we not explore mounting a challenge to Clear Channel's license to the 940 channel? You have a lot of friends among the Progressive Community in South Florida. Maybe it is time to start taking their licenses away!


Anonymous said...

A few thoughts on Sarah Palin.....that you can all sit back and joke about her experience...but let's face's a no win argument...unless you want to argue about about who has less experience. OK so enough.... it's off the table like it or not.

Here's what I'm scared of..

She's pro life.....which is fine for her.....I respect that. But unfortunately we have a lot of voting pro lifers that think abortion is the most important issue to vote on. In fact, they are so pro life....that they didn't mind seeing three thousand plus people die on 9-11 and killing many more thousands because they are so FREAKIN pro life.

Jack Topel said...

I'd be willing to bet that the "bump" on the polls for Obama, all his supporters have been waiting for, will come right after the Republican Convention instead of providing the expected bump for McCain!

I say this because it has been reported that a lot of voters are "on the fence" waiting to compare what each candidate and, specially,their respective party platforms have to offer before deciding which way to go.

Given the success of the Democratic Convention and their message to address our current state of affairs and the emerging awakening of our electorate about what "McSame" and the Republicans will represent for another 4 years, I would not be surprised if my assertion above comes to fruition!

My (our?) only concern, for which we seem to have limited or no control over, is the "covert" interests of the Corporate Media in maintaining the status quote when it comes to having "the news" be a money maker (which will remain under the Republicans) rather than a service in the public interest, as it was intended in the past.

In such an environment we can CONTINUE to expect media favoritism towards McCain at the cost of Obama's and Progressive's messages and voices, as was reflected by the "fiscal" decision to remove Nicole Sandler for "Imus the Clown"