Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday September 1

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It's Labor Day, so I had fittingly decided not to work today. Instead, I was going to start the week Tuesday morning with a new episode of Radio Or Not, and move forward from there.

But as I was sitting at the pool this afternoon with my daughter, my sister and her kids, I got a phone call from a friend who told me that Joe Biden was going to be speaking to the Deerfield Beach Democratic Club tomorrow, and asked if I wanted to go.

So, I came home and put together tomorrow's program tonight.

I've had all weekend to think about John McCain's choice of a running mate. The announcement that he had picked Sarah Palin came in Friday, while I was recording that day's show.

I learned a lot about the 44 year-old Governor of Alaska, who's served in that position for less than two years. She's currently under investigation in Alaksa for firing the state's Public Safety Director Walter Monegan, ostensibly for his failure to fire her ex-brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper as was her demand!

But wait, it gets better! As if that weren't bad enough, and enough reason for the Republicans not to want her as their VP pick, there were rumors swirling all over the internets about her 4 month old son.... bloggers questioning whether or not the baby was actually hers - or her 17 year old daughter's!

To prove those bloggers wrong, Palin today announced that her daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant! And the weird keeps getting weirder!

I've had this nagging feeling all weekend that this is all a joke. But it's the wrong Palin. If they really wanted funny, they should have gone with Monty Python's Michael Palin. He's funny. Sarah Palin is just plain sad.

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Anonymous said...

It's soooo good to hear and read your commentary. WINZ did not realize what a gem they had in your show. Their loss.

Anyways, John McCain's pick, Sarah Palin--REALLY!!! I have had countless discussions with co-workers who have not only supported his choice, but said it was a smart choice--REALLY!!!! Come on how dumb does he think we are. The argument that she was choosen for her conservative views and the fact that she has used executive power in her role as Mayor maybe true, but the truth(in my opinion)was that she was choosen to appeal to the hard core Hillary supporters. I am and have been a Hillary supporter from the beginning and I am insulted in everyway possible. Yes,my candidate was defeated. Yes, I was upset by her loss. But, no I will not vote for a republican because there's a woman on the ticket. The popular belief that all women are emotional beings who only think with their hearts and not their minds is wrong. This woman is not Hillary, by any sense of the word. Hillary and Barack share very similar views and that's where my vote will lie.

Lie that's exactly what the McCain camp was probably planning on doing, until the pregnancy story broke about Sarah Palin's daughter. This is a group that supports hard on "family values",remember the Murphy Brown/Dan Quayle controversy. Yeah, Right!!

It seems like the republican motto is "do as I not say, not as I do". Well this time Americans everywhere are going to do what they want to do and elect Barack into office.

In the words of Dennis Kucinich -"Wake Up America, Wake Up!"

---Chris Malcolm

TerriPlntn said...

This demonstrates how the republicans have very little respect for women. Have those so called Hillary supporters forgotten how the republicans have demonized the Clintons over the last 16 years. Would they really vote for the republicans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, my comcast dumped me twice this morning before I could completely hear your show. Great Job! Be strong. Tell the truth. I will forward your program and blog space to my 78yr mom. Mitch

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I use to go to work and listen to your show every morning. I miss hearing you tell the truth on how you think and talk about issues I could relate to as a fellow South Floridian. I refuse to listen to Imus' garbage(IMHO). I'll be sure to download your podcasts, whenever they come out, and play them on my Ipod-ready radio in my car every morning. Thank you for starting this website and still working to put your message out there. We still want to hear it.

dr.sorah said...

Cool. loved the Monty Python clips. You're right, you can't write the stuff that the Republicans are putting out. It's surreal. It's an alternate universe. If Americans can't see through the hypocrisy, then there's no hope for Americans. If Americans are still at the "shoot 'em up" level of consciousness, then they will perpetuate a "shoot 'em up" world.
Pallin's daughter's pregnancy should be on the table for the stand point of policy. The Republican policy of no sex education and abstinence only does not work and that's what needs to be debated.