Friday, September 26, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

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I had to go with Queen today, as that song played in my mind as I awoke to the news that Washington Mutual had failed. The Feds seized WaMu's assets last night, and sold the remains to JP Morgan, making Washington Mutual the biggest bank in US history to go down. And the hits just keep on coming.

And John McCain continues his political posturing, while some of the greatest minds in Washington are left scratching their heads. Seriously, McCain says one thing and does another.

He claims he's "suspending his campaign" while his ads continue running, his surrogates continue attacking, and he keeps campaigning! He spoke at Clinton's Global Summit yesterday before a three hour photo op at the White House which, according to Chris Dodd (speaking with David Gregory on MSNBC's "Race to the White House," was nothing more than a waste of time and a "rescue" for John McCain!

What's even more shocking is that, despite all of McCain's protestations that this crisis demands all of his time and energy, necessitating the suspension of his campaign and postponing tonight's debate, he didn't even take the time to read Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's plan which, by the way, was a whopping THREE PAGE document, and had been available since Friday of last week!

I implore Barack Obama to hold firm on tonight's debate, and not give in to McCain's stall tactics. Obviously his threat to be a no-show tonight has nothing whatsoever to do with the economy. More likely, it has more to do with his fear of being questioned about the economy, or the campaign's fear about Sarah Palin participating in a debate next week. Perhaps it's his fear that the Keating Five will finally be brought up as an issue, as he was a central figure in the last banking scandal to hit this country.

Jed Lewison edited together this piece, called "John McCain's Keating Five Problem in 97 Seconds." Enjoy and send to your friends:

Senator Obama must show up in Mississippi tonight and debate an empty podium, if that's what McCain chooses to represent his campaign!

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