Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday September 7

There's no podcast to go with the blog today... It's Sunday, I'm cleaning house, preparing for Ike (who thankfully looks like he'll pass to the south of us, but with such a monstrous storm will probably still affect us here in South Florida), and trying to find a babysitter for tonight, as I'm going to see Chris Isaak... But I had to write about a few things.

First of all, on Friday, when commenting about the green screen behind John McCain during his sorry excuse for an acceptance speech, I wrote that he was standing in front of a projected image of the White House lawn. It was, indeed, a lawn... but not the White House.

Apparently, the building was Walter Reed Middle School in a suburb of Los Angeles. This is wrong on so many levels! Common sense tells you that it was a major blunder. They probably meant to show an image of the Walter Reed Hospital -- which would have been ironic in and of itself, thanks to McCain's lack of support for the GI bill -- until he finally supported it!

Anyway, the main reason for writing this morning: I'm feeling good about a few things. I'm seeing a huge surge in email activity from people who'd previously been silent observers. A couple of videos, in particular, have hit my email from numerous sources over the last 48 hours, so I wanted to share them with you here.

Before I post the one from Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain, let me share with you an email I received from listener John, who thought I went over the line in my last episode:

Nicole, I thought this line was in bad taste. Everything else I agree with. It sounds like you are happy that one of our pilots was captured and tortured. "I'm sorry John McCain was such a lousy pilot that he got shot down. This man lost 5 of our fighter jets... The 5th time was the charm, so to speak, that landed him in the hanoi hilton."

Come on Nicole you are better than this. BTW not sure if you have ever seen the show Dog Fights on The History Channel but it give great insight on what these guys are dealing with. my friend Col Dick Foster was a pilot in WWII and his stories of combat were fascinating.

OK John, I'll give you that it was mean. But after watching the parade of nastiness and mean-spiritedness that was the Republican convention, I couldn't help it. It's not as if the Republicans are telling the truth about McCain's service. And while I feel for him for his years in captivity, we're not getting the real story about the man who was nicknamed "Songbird" while he was a POW.

To back that up, watch this video. Seriously.

And if you need more, check this one out too...

I mentioned earlier that I had gotten a couple of videos from people who had previously been silent. This one, from the Daily Show, came to me at least 5 times over the past couple of days. It's too good not to share, and the word of the day is Hypocrisy!

As always, thanks for reading and for listening!

Please keep the comments coming. And if there's a local story that you think I should be covering, please send me a quick note, and we'll do it!



Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love it. Something worthwhile for me to listen to on a Sunday evening! Now I can turn off Sirius playing Ed Shultz who I feel is way too far to the right. Thanks Nicole!


JT said...

I watched each full episode of the thedailyshow from last week (Sept 2-3-4-5) focusing in on the RNC and they are a must see, incredibly funny! You cannot miss watching this.

As for the caller John; why is it Republicans want to hush up all those who mourn there loved ones who have been LOST in wars i.e. Cindy Sheehan. To them it is only acceptable to grieve maybe on Memorial Day but those who grieve more frequently appear to offend the republicans; however I have to listen to old grandpa Mc Insane whine in each breath about how he and his shaded truth story of his prisoner of war status. Actually he was lucky he was considered a prisoner of war. Nowadays POW status - not to mention the United States Constitution - seems to be too quaint for the commander in chief. Are the Guantánamo detainee’s prisoners of war or are they unlawful combatants? Not only is it hippocrital for McCain to support what is going on but it is also a disgrace to Flag and the Constitution of our country, the United States.

Why no sorrow for Carol Shepp McCain? A former model, while visiting her family in Philadelphia on Christmas Eve 1969, Carol was driving alone in snowy, icy conditions. Approaching an intersection on an isolated country road, she skidded and collided with a telephone pole, was thrown from the car into the snow, and went into shock. Sometime later she was found and taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital; she had two smashed legs, a broken pelvis, broken arm, and ruptured spleen. She spent six months in the hospital, and over the course of the next two years had 23 operations as well as extensive physical therapy. The McCains were reunited upon his release from captivity on 1973-03-14. She was now four inches (ten centimeters) shorter, on crutches, and substantially heavier than when he had last seen her. The McCains' marriage began to falter as he had extramarital affairs. In April 1979, John McCain met and began a relationship with Cindy Lou Hensley, an Arizona special education teacher and Hensley & Co. heiress. John McCain pushed to end the marriage; Carol McCain was described by friends as being in shock from the developments. The McCains stopped cohabiting in January 1980; John McCain filed for a divorce in February 1980. This is the Family values party. No gays in the military ok. How about, in John McCains case, no freaks of nature in the military.

Come on John, we as Americans are better than this; to have to settle to be gullible enough to support these characters that play on our sympathy and play on our fears. McCain is an outright LIAR. I think your criticism of Nicole is in bad taste.

JT said...

Definition of a pit bull:
1. A breed of dog noted for dangerous aggressiveness.

This woman is evil and trashy.

This can't really be happening. Maybe th Hale-Bopp guys knew something we didn't.

Bryan in Miami said...

Hi Nicole,

I understand your enthusiasm about attacking John McCain's strength, but I feel it's a non-starter. Why? Because it's always okay if you're a Republican.

In 2004, the slandering of John Kerry's record was so extreme that the Republican National Convention featured hundreds of delegates and guests wearing Purple Heart band-aids to mock Senator Kerry's 3 purple hearts. The only place I heard anything about it at the time was the Daily Show. Now, they see nothing wrong with bringing up John McCain's POW years unprompted and in the most inappropriate conversations. Why? Because it's okay if you're a Republican.

Movement conservatives have been giving wealthy religious zealots like Falwell and Robertson a seat at the table since the 80's, and in exchange get a free pulpit to funnel their ideas to an impressionable and easily mobilized crowd. Now they call for us to be afraid of Jeremiah Wright with a straight face, while they line up another religious extremist in Sarah Palin on their presidential ticket. And no one bats an eye. Why? Because it's okay if you're a Republican.

Keep fighting the good fight Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I was one of your faithful listeners this past year on 940 Winz. I did write Ken Charles regarding my feeling of disgust that they fired you and replaced you with the right wing tool, Don Imus. Nicole, keep up the good fight. Because of Progressive radio and numerous websites millions of us are now so very much more well informed than we were back in 2004 and the Neocons know it. Nicole, please consider adding the site of to your list. I referred it to my Jewish Republican boss on Friday after she told me she thought McCain's speech was pretty good. This site really explains throughly how the Republican party has been taken over by the right wing religious zealots, who are definitely not friends of Israel, or the overwhelming majority of Americans. Anyway, again, Nicole, I'm really sorry they did this to you, and sorry for us. D.R.

Matt said...

Well said, D.R. But look at it this way. This is Nicole's chance to go national! Maybe even video. How about it, Nicole?

Anonymous said...

Nicole, Thanks for the Sunday blog it was great!

What to look at on a local level. I have little trust in what I find in local politics in FL. Add in a but of Republican sleeze and I am certain something is rotten.

One thing that bothered me when I went through the 04 election was the Supervisor of Elections, a constitutional officer, saying she would not accept some absentee ballots. She now has a challenger for her job and I would like to see a contrast between the two.

I know we are all happy to be voting on paper. I wonder with such a big move how was procurement handled? What is the contract for programming the machine and who can review the programming for the optical scanners that do the initial count for us?

Mike in Ft. Lauderdale

P.S. Glad to hear you again.

Anonymous said...

Local topics:

Miami Dade School board possibly getting rid of Mr. Crew.

Follow up on the local campaigns/debates of the Diaz-Balarts and Ros Lehtinen and the competition. Did you notice both of the Diaz-Balarts were standing behind Govenor Crist when he had the press conference about hurricane Ike. (Hmmmmm, something seemed fishy there).

Marlin Stadium update


Christy said...

Hey Nicole, I just want you know that you are really missed. Today on the Queen Brown show a caller caught Queen Brown off guard when she asked her what happened to your show, since you were the only local M-F morning show worth listening to. The Queens response, "um ,um I can't really comment, but I will talk to you off air."

Keep up the good work and the check is in the mail, in this case your website. :-)

Anonymous said...

Major goof on my part last night. The site is Extremely frightening to see how it is very much in play with the selection of Sarah Palin as running mate. As much as I've been unable to "stomach" the oil/military/industrial complex administration of Bush/Cheney, et al., I always knew they were just using the far right religious zealots for their purposes of seeking and remaining in power. Sarah Palin is the "real thing" as far as what she will do and how far she will go because of her decades long extremist cataclysmic "end times" far right religious core beliefs. Thanks Nicole. D.R.

Anonymous said...

After just reading what happened in Palm Beach County - 3500 ballots missing - we have to do whatever we can to help turn out the vote. It's got to be overwhelming in order to account for these type of "things" happening. Does anyone know if Diebold is the optical scanner company that is counting our new fill in the circle ballots that we had here in Fort Lauderdale? They just recently admitted that they have had problems with inaccuracies. And why should we be held to the standard of quick results when these machines depend on the phone lines to send the data from the SD type cards used in these optical scanners, which they also apparently had problems with. D.R.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, please possibly think about doing a blog/show on the Anne Kilkenney letter (Wasila resident) regarding the true Sarah Palin. There are citations at the end of her letter, regarding fact sources. The New York Times has also interviewed Ms. Kilkenney. It's a recent featured article/letter on I am going to take time away from my work, right now, to quickly write a letter to The Miami Herald and its parent company, McClatchy, regarding their virtual media blackout about Sarah Palin. Unless we keep bombarding the MSM regarding telling us "Who is Sarah Palin," it won't happen. D.R.

Anonymous said...