Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Theater of the Absurd

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In this, the week when the fall tv season is beginning, the biggest reality show of all is more dramatic than we could have ever imagined! And one team is like the train wreck you can't help but watch, but certainly don't want to see win!

In this Amazing Race, we have the old guy, a 72 year old former POW in Vietnam, and his younger, much less experienced and not very worldly female friend who seems to be there as eye candy to take the focus off of his shortcomings.

The other team is the smart guy who, against all odds - half black/half white, raised by a single mom on food stamps who put himself through college and Harvard Law School (and became president of the Harvard Law Review) -- is succeeding! His teammate is a wizend street fighter, who'll do well on this race around the world as he's the single best mind in the US Senate when it comes to foreign policy, but seems to be lost in the blinding coverage of the other team's beauty queen.

I said it last week, and it was echoed this weekend by Michael Grunwald in Time Magazine... it's McCain's Theater of the Absurd. Honestly, if the goings on in this campaign were a movie, you wouldn't believe it... And let's extend that... not only this campaign, but the last 8 years.

Have Americans not learned anything from the Bush presidency? Do we really want to elect another President who's lacking in the gray matter? Randi Rhodes yesterday said, "I want the President to be smarter than me!" Yes! Please!

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I want the guy in charge to at least posess the brain power to figure it out.

Thursday night is the VP debate. In one corner we have Joe Biden, a scrappy guy who sometimes speaks before he thinks. If this were a normal presidential race, that might be ok. But it's not. It's calculated by the Republicans, and you know that Sarah Palin was their choice in response to the choice of Joe Biden. She can disarm him because he might be afraid to go after the jugular of a girl.

If I can offer Biden one bit of advice, pretend she's a guy with as little knowledge, experience, or right to be sharing that stage with him as she has and go for it.

Let's talk for a moment about the events of the past week. W and Hank Paulson go to Congress and say we've got an economic crisis of epic magnitude. Something must be done.
John McCain, who's already admitted that he's lacking on the economic front, says he's going to step in to save the day. He "suspends" his campaign, which is laughable enough on its own... but then does nothing of the sort. Yes, he pissed off David Letterman, but his scheduled appearance on The Late Show seems to be the only thing he canceled!

He said he would not participate in the first debate on Friday night unless there was a plan agreed to by Congress. That's the political equivalent of admitting he can't walk and chew gum at the same time, I suppose.

He not only didn't help the situation, but demanded a meeting at the White House so he could have a Photo Op while pretending to be doing something... a stunt which all who were truly working on coming up with a plan and solution said only was a three-hour waste of time and diversion, not to save the economic future of the country, but perhaps devised to save McCain's campaign.

But wait... it gets even weirder! There was no plan by Friday, yet McCain backtracked and flip-flopped yet again, and decided to say "never mind" and participate in the debate. He actually did better than I expected, but he did show his nasty side as well as his inability to get through 90 minutes without falling back on his campaign slogans and lies.

In the midst of all of this, Sarah Palin, aka Caribou Barbie, has been sitting for interviews with Katie Couric, which have only confirmed that she has no business in this race. The kicker came Saturday night, when Tina Fey donned the glasses and did up the hairdo to transform into the ditz that is Sarah Palin, and just SPOKE THE SAME WORDS THAT PALIN DID when answering Couric's questions. Ah yes, truth is stranger than fiction, and this is truly the most ridiculous of all the reality shows on TV this week.

I, for one, can't wait for Thursday night's must-see-tv. The Debate. Barbie is now apparently sequestered at Johnny Mac's Sedona home (one of 9 he apparently owns), as the campaign, according to Karl Rove, tries to undo the prep they've already taught her?!?! Rove said yesterday that she does so much better when she's just being herself, talking off the cuff, as she did when she accepted the nomination???

Well, today, there will be no action in Congress. It's Rosh Hashonna... A decent pesach to you (I know that's not the correct term, but it's what it always sounded like to me... sorry, I'm a bad Jew)... But it is the Jewish New Year. Please let this year be better than the last eight...

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middle said...

I was sorry to see you leave WINZ. I do a show with a guy named Libaral Barry on Saturdays at 4PM on WWNN radio 1470AM. We also broadcst on talkshoe.com and simulcast at www.wwnnradio.com
I don't know how smart Biden or Obama really are. Obama thought there were 57 states at one point and no mater how tired I have been I have always known the number of states in the nation. Biden thought Franklin Roosevelt was the president in 1929 and that he broadcast to the nation on television. The man is nuts. Remember, Biden did have a brain tumor and Obama did cocaine, perhaps there is brain damage.

RadioOrNot said...

You're kidding, right? Obama knows how many states there are. And Biden does put his foot in his mouth occasionally, but he's a very smart man and is probably the best guy in the Senate on foreign relations.

Wanna talk about the collective brainpower between McCain, who graduated 5th from the bottom of his class of over 650 at the Naval Academy, and Caribou Barbie?

John said...

Middle, no comment on Sarah and her less than intelligent interviews over the last week? What about McCain and him leading the GOP to passing the bailout after he suspended his campaign (NOT on both). Maybe you should change your name to Far Right.

middle said...

Perhaps Obama does know how many states there are but he must have gotten them confused with the 57 varieties of Heinz Ketchup. He also did not know Reverend Wright was an American bashing racist and didn't know that William Ayres bombed the Pentagon, or perhaps he just does not care. When either Bush or Reagan made verbal blunders they were skewered by you lefties but when one of your own does it it is somehow excused. Obama is a man who will tolerate and associate with these awful individuals like Rezko as long as he can get ahead. His is the hate America crowd that believes in welkaht redistribution as long as they get theirs first. He was willing to bury his own grandmother if it helped his campaign.

Biden has a very interesting fantasy life. In this life his helicopter was forced to land due to enemy fire but Kerry, who was with him, said it was inclement weather. Biden also claimed that the truck driver who was in the accident when his first wife was tragically killed had "drunk his lunch" but there is absolutely no proof of this. This goes beyond putting a foot in one's mouth this is nuts.

middle said...

wealth redistribution

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy and inconsistency doesn’t stop there. Nicole brings up McCain’s rank in The Naval Academy, a much more rigorous education than the University of Delaware. Yet, Biden graduated 506 out of 688 from Delaware and she calls him very smart. LOL. He also graduated 76 out of 85 from Syracuse Law, where he was caught plagiarizing 33% of a law review article he “wrote”. Every time he “puts his foot in his mouth”, he is given a pass because everyone “knows” he is really very smart. It’s hilarious.