Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Sept. 4 -- Straight out of central casting, it's the Palin family!

Hear today's edition of Radio Or Not by clicking here. (Today's show is a long one, because it includes Sarah Palin's entire speech... It runs 51:33)

I was dead wrong on this one. John McCain did not make a rash, middle of the night blunder in selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate, as I originally thought.

I was correct in one thing though, the Neocons may be crooked lying cheating thieves, but they're not stupid. I told you something was going to happen to vindicate them, as they are calculated political animals, and there's usually a method (however warped) to their madness.

Last night, after outright lies told by the preacher man Mike Huckabee, and vicious attacks and fear inducing rhetoric by Rudy "9-11" Giuliani (speaking in front of an image of lower Manhattan minus the World Trade Center twin towers, no less), we were treated to the eye candy that is Sarah Palin and her family.

I originally thought they weren't vetted. Oh but I was wrong. This family was vetted completely. And it was decided that they could turn the negatives into positives! The pregnant daughter... it's ok because she and her boyfriend look good, like the rest of the family, and are definitely marketable. The pregnancy... just a minor distraction. They can spin it to say that Sarah's just like you, dealing with family problems.

How about the scandals in Sarah's career as a mayor and governor? No problem. What are a few lies and abuse of power examples in the neo con world? Nothing that they haven't spun and covered up before.

You see, those things don't matter. Because they have a photogenic family who are marketable.... who will provide the right's answer to the Obama family.

She is easily malleable.... she will look good delivering their sarcastic, nasty, mean-spirited speeches that they write for her. She'll say and do what they tell her to say and do... just like John McCain promised to do for the chance to be President.

It has been, as he wrote in his book, his ambition all along!

On a local note... I didn't get to it in the show today because I was all fired up about Ms. Palin and the revelation that the Neocons, once again, showed their political cunning... but we the people scored a victory here in Florida yesterday!

The three most offensive constitutional amendments that were supposed to be on the Nov. 4 ballot, courtesy of the Taxation & Budget Reform Commission were ruled unconstitutional yesterday by the Florida Supreme Court. Amendments 7 and 9, which would have gutted the part of Florida's Constitution that provides for the separation of Church and State and paved the way for vouchers, along with Amendment 5, which would have stripped the portion of your property tax bill that goes to fund schools and ostensibly replaced it with a penny increase in the sales tax, will NOT be on the ballot!

This is great news, and we'll go into it a bit further either tomorrow or next week....

Hear today's edition of Radio Or Not by clicking here. (Today's show is a long one, because it includes Sarah Palin's entire speech... It runs 51:33)


auerbob said...


We need to find a way to get you back on the air. I drive 120 miles a day, from Key Largo to Miami and back again. 1.5 hours in the morning and the same at night. NPR just isn't going to hack it. Too Sterile. Tonight they replaced Lionel with out of town football. You need to talk to some of the local progessive legal folks about a license challenge.

Bob Auer
Key Largo
FCC License PG-7-16138

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Democrats want to blame all the wrongs in our country and in our world on George W. Bush and then say that John McCain is the same thing as President Bush. It may be easy to think that John McCain can be so quickly defined, but he is not! John McCain has reached across the political aisle and worked with Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, and Joseph Lieberman. He has openly opposed the Bush administration on interrogation tactics of enemy combatants, arms control, climate change, tax breaks for oil companies, and federal spending. This tendency to break party lines earned him the reputation of a “maverick” in the Senate. Barack Obama talks a great game about how he will “change” politics as we know it, if given the chance as president, but has NEVER voted against his party’s interests. In fact, he and his fellow Democrats promised change if given the majority in congress and did not deliver. However, John McCain has been changing politics for over two decades by putting his country before the Republican Party.

Thanks, but no thanks. I am one Democrat that wants REAL change.

Bryan in Miami said...

Thanks for what you do Nicole.

Don't let the Flying monkeys criticize you.

Palin's selection and speech makes it clear that the Republican party isn't interested in talking about issues. They're only interested in social wedges and slander.

Incidentally, Sarah Palin is the new focus of some investigative reporting by the National Enquirer. I wonder if the MSM will pay as much attention to them as they did when the Edwards scandal broke?

Anonymous said...

As many times as McCain talked about change, he should have told his AV people to change that horrible green background. Was he getting ready to do a weather report or special effects? He should have told someone to change his speech because it was awful. I didn't learn a thing about him. I am sick and tired of all these politicians showing me their families and the great lives they live. I want to hear they plan on doing about health care, education, gas prices, foreclosure, obtaining credible home loans; I want to hear what they are going to do for the "average"citizens.

Anonymous said...

The only way we will get a true change is by overwhelmingly voting Democratic and also having as our president and vice president, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. We will then be assured of having competent advisors and cabinet members - not the cronies that we've seen for the past seven and a half years in the Bush administration. As far as John McCain, the Maverick - he has not been a maverick for a long time. If you're a maverick, you don't have the same people running your campaign that are very much connected to Rove, Bush and Cheney. You don't have Phil Gramm as part of your campaign, who was one of the sponsors of the "Enron" type loophole filled bill that was attached to an 11,000 page appropriations bill and voted on during the middle of the night, without debate. That bill has been one of the leading causes of the banking/mortgage industry collapse. This same maverick, who supposedly has country first, has now chosen for his VP, Sarah Palin, who is, according to Marverick McCain, his soulmate. This soulmate's far right religious beliefs are those of the cataclysmic "end times" core beliefs, of the Assembly of God church. I don't trust 2008"Maverick" McCain's judgment or his sincerity for "Country First," when it's very possible VP Palin will one day have her finger on the nuclear button. As a lifelong Democrat, I will very confidently and wholeheartedly vote for the fact based vision of change offered by Obama/Biden over so-called Maverick McCain/soulmate Palin's illusion of change any day. D.R.