Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tues 9-9-08 Goodness Gracious... and Dan Gelber too!

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I began today's show with a song called Goodness Gracious, by a brilliant musician named Kevin Gilbert. You've heard his music, though you might not know it, as he was a main driving force behind Sheryl Crow's first album, Tuesday Night Music Club.

This isn't a music blog, but Kevin's work is worth knowing, so I invite you to explore his too-brief career at http://www.kevingilbert.com/.

But I used Goodness Gracious today because it expresses how I'm feeling. When is this madness going to end and what are we doing to the future of our kids?

Last night, Keith Olbermann aired part 1 of his interview with Barack Obama. Although I like what Obama has to say, I have serious reservations about his ability to get his message across. He's great with a speech, but is less eloquent when speaking off the cuff -- I believe because he thinks things through too much! In this case, I believe Obama needs to be more rehearsed, and to be able to answer every question immediately and with forceful conviction, rather than that nuance that we keep hearing about. Nuance does not serve one well in a political race for life!

The Rachel Maddow show premiered last night on MSNBC. But the timing was certainly odd. I'd go as far as to say that the network execs might have actually reversed their decision about her show if it were possible because they're bowing to Republican pressure!

Just yesterday, they announced that their election coverage would no longer be anchored by Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, due to their lack of objectivity. Since when is that a problem? "The News" used to be objective... but that was before it became a moneymaking entity under the entertainment umbrella.

NBC is hedging its bets, God forbid McCain gets elected. They're silencing the liberal voices, and I think it's time for the Fairness Doctrine to come back so that there's some semblance of balance of coverage. But that's probably a topic for another day...

Dan Gelber joined me on the phone for a few minutes this morning to talk about the fate of the constitutional amendments that were put forth by Florida's "Taxation and Budget Reform Commission." Three of the four truly despicable amendments have been struck down by the courts. Number 2 is the one we still have to talk about... Check out http://www.dangelber.com/ to get info on his run for the Florida Senate, and to read his very insightful blog as well.

Also, today, we're truly thankful that Ike steered clear of us. But he hit Haiti, Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean hard. The Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel both have pages of links where you can help. Just click on each of the above links for more info.

And enjoy Keith with Obama... Even on his worst day, Obama is miles ahead of McCain on his best!

Hear today's Radio Or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 32:41)


MikeEmm said...

The Obama commercial I want to see

Fade in Obama at a filling station

Either in background from his speech or script

The price of oil is high for our economy as well as our ecology. Why don’t we have a solution? We do and it is something we can start today to help tomorrow:

Go to a solar/wind powered ethanol plant with a farmer selling his goods there explaining where the corn or sugar cane comes from and not from the food sector. Explain that the recent increase in the price of groceries was because of oil not because of successful alternatives.

Go to the auto plant and show workers building the E-85 cars creating jobs. Show construction workers adding solar panels and wind generators to commercial, industry and home applications.

The Republican solution isn’t an answer but a continuation of the problem

Black and white footage of the RNC drill drill drill mantra

Back to Obama show the sign with the cost of E-85 at $2.72 per gallon

It’s good for the environment
It’s good for the economy
It’s good for future technology
It’s good for change

Fade out

In my head it plays well why can’t we see something that shows where we want to go. What do you think?

Mike in Ft. Lauderdale

RadioOrNot said...

Well Mike, I like how you think. But reconsider the E85... Ethanol is certainly NOT the answer! Plug-in hybrids making way for all-electric cars... that's the way to go. How about converted GM plants making electric cars, and they can't roll them off of the assembly line fast enough?


Anonymous said...

" They're silencing the liberal voices, and I think it's time for the Fairness Doctrine to come back so that there's some semblance of balance of coverage. But that's probably a topic for another day..."-Nicole

So what your saying is, "If people don't give liberals like me the ratings we need to keep our jobs, the government should force stations to keep us employed, anyway."


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with ratings. This has to do with being able to hear the truth on the public airwaves. I watched Don Imus' show for months leading up to the election in 2004. At that time they were playing what I will refer to as the "good cop/bad cop act." Imus' favorite phrase was, "I'm going to vote for Kerry, but....." before he slammed him. Then Imus' sidekick, the admitted Republican of the show, would state his nonsense about loving Bush. Again, nothing about the numerous lies coming out at that time about this administration, easily learned in the thousands of articles I've read on the internet and/or hundreds of hours of listening to progressive talk shows. Imus' criticism of Kerry mimicked the talking points at the time of the GOP. When you saw the look on his face, the morning after the Bush "win," it was pretty clear who he was in favor of all along. I've never watched Don Imus since and will NOT listen listen to his show now. If I wanted to listen to people who constantly spin the truth, or outright lie, I would watch Fox News, or listen to the hate-filled Rush-types that have totally taken over the public airwaves. It's not just about ratings. It's about serving the public's best interest. Nicole's show allowed not only progressive viewpoints to be given, but local progressive/Democratic representatives or candidates to be on, letting us know what was actually happening in the legislature and votes that were coming up, blocked, by who, etc. Many of Nicole's viewers were those of us on our way to work, sitting in traffic. She was very infomative and had many guests on that truly informed - not repeated the GOP talking points, or worse. Since the systematic deregulation started with the Reagan administration, the MSM in this country is now controlled/owned by four or five mega-type conglomerates, compared to the 50 to 60 companies that used to be involved before Reagan's time. Today, according to Thom Hartmann, the ratio is about 60 (progressive) compared to the 1,000 (anti-progressive) host type shows around this country. It's not about ratings. Progressives are starving for places to go on the public airwaves to be able to hear the truth, and voice their views. I wrote to Ken Charles, of Clear Channel, after finding it on Thom Hartmann's website, expressing pretty much my outrage at Nicole's show being pulled. I do feel he has done a great disservice to Florida by pulling Nicole's show off of the air. The only other way of possibly keeping infomed of what is going on in this state is trying to take time out of our very busy days to do our own research, or the scant news coverage in the newspapers. Again, I keep stressing, these are public airwaves, which are to be used for the public's better interest. The progressive voices are systematically being silenced. There is a new show on MSNBC at 9:00 p.m., The Rachel Maddow Show. It is doing what our reporters are not doing - showing the actual lies that are coming out of McCain and Palin's mouths on a daily basis. The "other side" is already starting their intimidation tatics of trying to get her show off the air - because the truth hurts them. Nicole's show was "hurting" the GOP. Other than this site, she's been silenced. If McCain/Palin are "elected," how long do you think sites such as this will be available to us on the internet? D.R.

Anonymous said...

In previous lengthy letter, I meant to say "better" interest, not "best" interest. Also, remember, these corporations, such as Clear Channel, come up periodically for renewal of their licenses. Maybe we should find out when these licenses are being renewed and start writing some letters. The "other side" has become experts as doing this type of thing. Maybe we should too. Sorry for taking up so much space. D.R.

MikeEmm said...

NJicole I agree that E-85 is not a perfect fuel but it is a big step ahead of our current situation and it is something we can use today. We can look proactive and move ahead with tax credits in weeks instead of saying soon.

I look at it as a bridge that will will use to refine solar energy and fuel cells. Making cars that your fuel comes from rain and you can make it at home. Things we can do now but corp America doesn't want. Power generation at the local level google HomeGen 7000 sometime a product that was working make power for less at the home level GE purchased and shelved.

Anonymous said...

After seeing the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car" a year or so ago, it shocked me to realize the technology has been here for years to get us off of fossil fuel dependency, but the American car manufacturers and the now four or five major consolidated oil companies did literally "kill" it. The GOP/McCain/Palin's answer is "drill, drill, drill." Democrat/Obama/Biden's answer is, I believe, 150 billion spent to develop alternatives to our fossil fuel dependency. The nuclear plants require "cool" water to let them run properly. France is having a severe problem right now with their water sources being consumed because of their numerous nuclear plants. There's so many reasons to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket and here we are - purposely manuevered by the GOP - back to the same old Karl Rove devisive issues and distractions, this time with Karl Rove being actually an analyst on Fox News. I used to understand Nicole's obvious sense of frustration when speaking with some listeners, because so little time is left before our country is lost. As a side note, did anyone read any Miami Herald newspaper coverage about the journalists being arrested in St. Paul - with full I.D. around their necks? Many of them are now being charged with terrorist type crimes. Very scary stuff happening in today's version of a democracy. D.R.

Anonymous said...

According to you, the McCain campaign, and John McCain in particular, is going to be repeating the same sentence over and over, “A noun, a verb, and POW”. It is part of his resume of service to his country. However, you (all Obama supporters) parrot the sentence structure of the Obama campaign, which is, “A noun, a verb, and a reference to a “Bush third term”. There isn’t a single issue that Obama can discuss without referring to George W. Bush. I guess every leader that wants to seem perfect needs an evil to blame for everything that goes wrong. I wonder if the two minutes hate will be part of American daily life if Obama is elected president. What do you think?