Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raul Martinez checks in... better late than never!

Hear today's episode of Radio or Not, and my conversation with Raul Martinez by clicking here (runtime 37:40)

It certainly wasn't his fault! Mayor Martinez was all set to be my special correspondent from the Democratic Convention in Denver every morning. He was going to awaken at 5am Denver time to call in to my radio show, and give us his unique perspective on the event... but I was fired the Friday before the Monday beginning of the convention! Today was our first chance to catch up since.

We spoke about my firing, about his Congressional race against incumbent Lincoln Diaz-Balart, about health care, the economy, campaign finance reform, and lots of other issues we're all concerned about on this 47th day before the election.

I encourage you to listen, and share this conversation with anyone you know who resides and votes in District 21. Our country will be a better place with Raul Martinez in Congress.

I mentioned during the program that Mayor Martinez does not come without controversy or baggage. But the first time I had the pleasure of interviewing him, he told me to ask away-- no questions were off-limits. And, you know me well enough by now to know that I never shy away from a tough question, so I did. I felt no need to re-hash territory I already covered and ask questions again that had already been thoroughly answered to my satisfaction. But you're welcome to go back to that interview and listen by clicking here.

And then move on to today's conversation, which hopefully will become a regular, ongoing conversation!

I'll leave with with some McCain food for thought...

So, after he said, yet again, that the fundamentals of the economy are strong, he then backtracked by saying that by fundamentals he meant the workers(!), he then went on to contradict himself on the topic of regulation... which he's been against for his entire career, but now finds himself a strong proponent of. A few interesting facts for your reading pleasure can be found here and here.... and we'll talk about it all tomorrow!

Hear today's episode of Radio or Not, and my conversation with Raul Martinez by clicking here (runtime 37:40)


Anonymous said...

Anyone who questions how the Party of the Republicans are trying to backpedal away from who caused the economic collapse of this country through their failed conservative polices - watch the Hardball Chris Matthews' video clip listed on the site, labeled "Oh Lordy Matthews Gets Hot on ..." After the Republican congressman being questioned keeps trying to use the GOP talking points being spouted the last day or two, and Chris Matthews' constant rephrasing of a simple question, "Who is responsible for the failed polices that led to the economic mess we're in," the Republican Congressman again mentions how the Democratic controlled congress the last two years has not passed any legislation of consequence. Of course what he leaves out in that GOP talking point mantra is how this 110th Congress has the highest number of either threatened and/or actual filibusters of any other congress -by the Republican Minority. OBSTRUCT-BLAME GAME STRATEGY LIARS. That is what has become of the Republican party. Watch the video. Then tell me with a straight face and intellectual honesty why it is not imperative that an overwhelming Democratic majority be voted into congress on November 4th - ALONG with having President Barack Obama and Vice Presdient Joe Biden as the competent leadership that this country needs at this point and demands. Whose judgment do you truly trust to pick the experts needed, as trusted Cabinet members, that know what the H is going on and what caused it? John McCain wants to appoint a commission. Whether it's "lipstick on a pig," "wolves in sheep's clothing," or trying now to "wear a different uniform other than Republican" - this country cannot withstand another four years of another cronies-filled Republican administration and/or obstructionist congress. ENOUGH! D.R.

MikeEmm said...


It is so nice that you had a chance to speak with Raul Martinez and could confirm with him the desperate steps the Republican party and its minions would take to be able to continue the effort to steal what is left in the Social Security coffers for the wealthy.

I got my free DVD from the Republicans on Obsession,, which was my motivation to run around scream and shout with my hands in the air how unsafe we are. Amazing the party responsible for the failure on 9/11 continues to tell us how they will protect us. The Republicans that told us how poor the economy was when they took office have now created the largest deficit ever and not only spent down to that level but wasted a huge surplus so we could devalue the dollar and give the wealthy buddies our cash. We are now suffering the largest loss of middle class wealth through the devaluation of our main investment our homes. The Republicans don’t want to save the middle class and keep people in their homes and keep inventory down they want to wait and bail out their buddies after they are done pillaging the funds left before the bailout, some shamelessly hiring the resident of the Whitehouse’s’ brother in an effort to curry favor. They never say what they are willing to spend to win but the effort we see is huge and expensive. Shame they don’t invest that money into the country in healthcare and education through taxes. It really shows what patriots they are. They won’t fight for their country and begrudge every dollar they give their country but they tell you what a poor citizen you are and how they protect it.

John McCain has always been at the corner of these financial disasters waving his little flag as the parade went by. The savings and loan scandal and his actions there and his support of Phil Gramm from TX and Enron and how well that worked out for those invested in it by manipulating the electricity flow to increase the return on the dollar at the expense of those in California, afterwards when Gramm’s wife cashed out the loss of those employees trying to reinvest in their company through their retirement and being a loyal employee. In deregulation of cable companies and the current effort of Comcast with the goal to censor the internet so they can control what we see and then the banking industry and mortgages as soon as Phil and friends could get their hands on the cash ride it for the fees and grab the assets and run. Even the cell phone lobby sent John McCain a special friend to help him decide if the cell phone industry needed all those horrible regulations they suffered through.

It makes me babble to think that a man at the base of all these failures could begin to even have an opportunity to run for the office that party has controlled and through that destroyed the ethical value and pride of a nation. To torture and lie cheat and steal without regard for human life of our countrymen as well as the lives of those in Iraq whose country filled with problems and a unrestrained leader may have needed addressing but not at the cost of hundreds of thousands of their people. It is clear though Iraq had its problems with a leader we too have an unrestrained regime empowered by those in congress that have refused to bring him to justice.

Anonymous said...

As Randi Rhodes stated again today, "We're in Alice in Wonderland where white is black, right is left, up is down." "Break the government, then privatize everything because the government doesn't work." "Privatize the profits, socialize the losses." Because of this "Republican dominated Washington" and their failed policies we now have a $587 billion deficit and it's climbing every day. Do not be fooled by 26-year-long Republican "Good ol' boy," "Mr. Deregulator," "Bomb, bomb Iran," McCain. Enough! D.R.

MikeEmm said...

As I thought more about the DVD I threw in the trash and curiosity got the better of me I wanted to know a bit more about this Clarion group. To be honest I was embarrassed by my ranting and Nicole took a moment to lend words of support and let me know she appreciates her listeners as much as we appreciate her.

Obsession, the movie, is an effort to make Islamofascism a household word before the election. You know Obama is a Christian radical white hater Muslim killer right?

The Clarion group seems perfectly suited for he job as they are the same recycled swift boating lying sleaze that attempts to control the masses through fear and bigotry.

The contributors and notable supporters that proudly distribute this trash are too embarrassed to place their names in public view. I didn’t watch the movie they produced as I don’t often invest time in such things. It has been described as “anti-Muslim terror-porn flick”.

Anyway I wanted to pass this along so others could take time to look at what the Republicans are spending their money on this election cycle if you aren’t lucky enough to get your own copy from the slime.

Mike in Ft. Lauderdale

Anonymous said...

The weekend before the November 7, 2006 midterm elections, FOX NEWS aired the propaganda film "Obsession" four times. Saturday, November 5th at 8:00 p.m., 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.; and Sunday at 10:00 p.m. I guess the Republicans felt their propaganda channel, Fox News, didn't reach enough people, to spread their hate-filled filth, so this year they've paid the so-called liberal news media, Miami Herald - SHAME ON YOU MIAMI HERALD - to spread it to the masses who DO NOT WATCH FOX NEWS. I didn't watch it in 2005, when it first was made, I didn't watch it in 2006 when the Fox News Republican propaganda tool felt it necessary to air it - and I certainly didn't watch it when the so-called liberal newspaper MIAMI HERALD distributed it. Obstruct, distract, GWB's "catapult the propaganda," cager lists, rigged voting systems and vote-counting scanners, push polls, intimidation and fear tactics. That is the only way the proud, corrupt, care-about-the-fetus-but-to-hell-with-the child, incompetent, criminally irresponsible Republicans "win" elections. You may be fooling millions of people in this country - but NOT billions around the world. Republicans, how much longer are you going to allow the Neocons to control your party? They have turned this country into a tragic joke. What a wonderful example of Democracy we've turned out to be, since the Supreme Court declared GWB president. D.R.