Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday 9/11/08 - Seven years later

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I'll take a break from politics today. Not that there's a lack of things to talk about... on the local front, the Miami-Dade School Board yesterday fired Superintendent Dr. Rudy Crew (a good thing, I think), then rushed to offer the job to Alberto Carvahlo. Although from what I know of Carvahlo, he's a good choice. But I wonder if they should have taken more time to find qualified applicants.
We'll deal with that, among other things, tomorrow.

But today marks seven years since the World Trade Center collapsed after being hit by two hijacked planes, and our world changed.

As you know by listening to my show, I tend to think musically. I assembled a few pieces from sound from that day, along with Neil Young's rendition of Imagine, and Jeff Buckely's take on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, along with a song that became an anthem for the rescue workers on 9/11, Five for Fighting's Superman.

Five for Fighing's John Ondrasik is a dear friend, and I reached out to him a couple of years ago, on the 5th anniversary, to talk about what his song Superman meant to the police and firefighters on 9/11, and I share that on today's episode as well.

Tomorrow, it's Friday, so we'll deal with all the stories of the week and, if you choose to call in between 8:30 and 10am at 954-889-6410, your calls too!

Hear today's episode of Radio Or Not by clicking here (runtime 19:00)