Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wednesday September 3 - Joe Biden visits South Florida

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Yesterday... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Sorry, but it just seemed to fit! The day yesterday was wonderful. I went to see Joe Biden. It was his first visit to South Florida as the Democratic VP candidate. I was in great company, and we watched a very uplifting speech from a guy who gets it. And my day just got better from there.

Last night, however, was a different story. I felt that I had to watch the Republican convention. I sat through Stepford's Laura Bush, extolling the fantastic virtues of her husband, our unfortunate president.

Then, W himself, speaking via satellite from the White House, where he stayed - ostensibly so he can keep a close eye on Gustav and any needed relief efforts. Unbelievable. This is the guy who was partying with John McCain on his birthday three years ago, when Katrina barrelled through the same Gulf Coast regions, bringing much more damage and despair than the limp Gustav.

And this poor excuse for a leader spoke on a tv screen for less than 10 minutes... and outside of prime time, no less. The prime time tv space went to Fred Thompson and Mr. Excitement himself, Joe Lieberman. It was a sorry excuse for something that should have been great political theater.

I guess we'll get that tonight, as the living soap opera that is the GOP's Vice Presidential candidate takes the stage to accept the nomination. Could it get any more surreal?

With her will be her 17 year old, 5 months pregnant daughter (now that's just good family responsibility, isn't it? Putting your pregnant teenager in the international spotlight!!), plus the lovely boyfriend -- father and husband-to-be - Levi. The one whose MySpace profile had this lovely tidbit:

"I'm a fuckin' redneck" who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes.
"But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some shit and just f uckin' chillin' I guess."
"Ya fuck with me I'll kick [your] ass," he added.
He also claims to be "in a relationship," but states, "I don't want kids."

Nice, huh? Can you imagine... that guy could be a member of the second family!?! Ahh the kind of kid you want your daughter to get knocked up by and marry. Yikes!

Should be some fun tv time tonight...

But back to last night again. My night was redeemed. Ok, it wasn't as good as the earlier part of the day, but the evening ended as I joined my friend and co-webcaster Marc Germain on his program at We talked Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. You can listen to his show weekday evenings from 11pm-1am (eastern). You can listen to the segment I did with him by clicking here.

To hear today's edition of Radio Or Not, just click here. (Today's show runs 40:55)


Bryan in Miami said...

Great show today Nicole!

Just heard that Obama will be on Countdown a few days after he's on with Bill-O the Clown.

Palin's speech was Baloney tonight. If McCain/Gimmick '08 think they can win by making a blatant play for the WASPs, they're going to be sadly disappointed. They've spent so much time peddling fear and xenophobia that they've set themselves up to be permanently obliterated.

Loves ya!

Alix said...

Hi Nicole,

you became my favorite morning host....and now there IMUS....I cannot listen to him. Are you still on the radio? I have been meaning to e-mail you and find out. What happened?

Alix Landman,
Ft. Lauderdale

Thursday am listener when I would drive to miami to my miami office from Plantation

Thanks for your reply