Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Back... Just in time!

Hear today's episode of Radio Or Not here (runtime 34:13)

You know the old saying about the best laid plans.... I had fully intended to blog while visiting NY, but just never had the time. I also was completely out of touch with what was going on, so my entries would have been fairly meaningless anyway.

But the trip was a great success on a few levels. Alison and I had a blast... the weather was perfect, we saw both Young Frankenstein and Wicked on Broadway, visited the American Museum of Natural History, and saw lots of old friends. And I had a few business meetings as well. The one thing I can tell you is that I'll be doing some fill-in work on Air America! Just stay tuned for exact dates and times! And if you haven't already signed up for my email list, please do-- just look to your right...

I spent the flight home reading up on all the newspaper accounts of this massive Wall Street bail-out plan, trying to wrap my brain around it. Financial matters have never been my strong suit, so I was really trying to understand what's been proposed. And what I was able to figure out is that there aren't many specifics outlined!

I'm pretty uneasy about this idea, and I guess we'll have to wait and see what the geniuses in Washington come up with.

But the biggest surprise came while we were flying. John McCain announced that he's suspending his campaign, and wants to postpone the debate that's scheduled for tomorrow night! WTF?!?!

I had plenty to say about that on this morning's episode of Radio or Not, which you can listen to here. And check out the videos below -- some of the audio is used on today's show.

My new favorite CNN commentator, Campbell Brown:

Letterman last night:

John McCain and the Republicans on Regulation of Wall Street:

Barack Obama Press Conference yesterday:


Bryan in Miami said...

Hi Nicole.

Glad I get to be the first person to congratulate you for getting signed on with Air America.

I've sent letters to a few different newspapers about the campaign suspension issue, basically saying that we have the right to expect some things from our presidents, namely:

1) That they not mute themselves in times when the American people have a right to hear our elected leaders' opinions on important topics.

2) That our leaders can walk and chew gum at the same time.

I encourage everyone posting on this blog to go to, find your local newspaper, and right a letter to the editor expressing your opinions of the campaign.

Congratulations again Nicole. What are the possibilities of you posting days and times when you'll be doing fill-in work?

Bryan in miami said...

quick note:

your dubya impersonation is terrible.

Love you anyway.

auerbob said...

Congrats on the Air America fill in slots. Hope that it turns into a full time gig.

There was a great blog on KOS today on how this bail out was the biggest of Shrub's pay backs to those who put him in office. No wonder it doesn't make sense.

Christy said...


Just who does John McCain think he his? If he does get what he wants he's not going to the debts. Please! He has spoken to anyone in Washington regarding this"crisis", accroding to Senator Dodd. Barack on the other hand has spoken to several people throughout the day to find out the happenings.

I hope he does not show up tonight, this will give Barack the opportunity to show what he's made of. Mccain on the other hand will looks like a whinny three year who threw a temper tantrum when he didn't get his way.

P.S. did anyone see Sarah palin's interview? Why did they let her out of her cage? She's is AWFUL!!!