Friday, January 22, 2010

My first post Air America show

Today was a tough day. After learning that Air America had ceased operations, following the horrendous Supreme Court ruling on corporate campaign contributions, I knew I had to get back on the air, or web, as it were.

Thanks to all who came and watched & listened. I appreciate the support more than you know!

I'm going to take tomorrow off, have a long weekend, regroup, and I'll be back Monday. I'm not sure what time I'll be on, though. The late night thing does take it's toll, so I'll likely move the show to an earlier time slot. Your suggestions are welcome (nicole at

Please check back here over the weekend or Monday morning, as I'll be sure to have an update here!

In the meantime, here's tonight's show.... just in case you couldn't stay awake!


rewinn said...

Keep on keeping on! AAR had a lousy business model but the content is still wanted and needed. Good luck!

I think we can make common cause even with the teabaggers on things such as Geithner and the Fed, and the Supreme Court allowing foreign-owned corporations to run campaign ads. Take such help as you can get!

BTW where's your twitterfeed, FB page etc? Ya gotta make them more prominent please!

( My comments on AAR's demise: Progressive Talk Radio Outgrows Air America)

aloegrower said...

Glad, Nicole, [if you're reading this] you held on to some listeners. Makes sense that you would. Glad you'll be on earlier; now maybe I can catch a bit at some joint (home connection needs dumping). Yeah, that was a heavy day. Here were my thoughts at the end of it...or this AM when it was over and done with.

Now I know Moyers Journal last night would have been more pertinent than the stuff that replaced it on PBS...or at least more than the local stuff here they didn't preempt.

I had the tube on mute and was trying to read "In the Courts of the Sun" and "Money Driven Medicine." Found myself sharing the Frangela duo's reservations re the telethon. Would have been better IMO to get into the history of what has made Haiti the way it is, as with Bob Edwards' guest this "get to the root." I should try to be tolerant like my gracious and wonderful ole mom, and give'm all their due for effort; but the quake, the Mass vote, and the "free speech" ruling are testing my upbeatness and hope. Why in the heck did they hold Doctors Without Borders up at the airport? I hear the Cuban docs got no coverage. Anyway, I can't know for sure how many grains of truth my impressions re the present progressive movement contain, because they are floating around in my head at this stage and as such are only that...impressions. Find myself wishing the hip folks knew more, and would act in more solidarity. Course, I do have a friend who would say...Twas ever thus. But yeah, I wish Bruce Cockburn would write another all-encompassing ditty like "Silver Wheels" for this whole ball of confusion, and the whole world would download it...and it would spur us on like Dylan and Baez's songs used to do. But, on the flipside, maybe it's a requirement now we all speak truth to power.

On WWKB there's one thing that callers say that probaby brings me closer to clinical depression than anything else, "Gov should not meddle with our current wonderful healthcare system cause they'll screw it up like they do everything else" ISMW. Guess government should have stayed outta rural electrification too. Yet, just once I have to give the Pubs some slack, for, after all, what could emerge is something compulsory that won't be that much of a deal. I read an article in Common Dreams that said the Organic Consumers Assoc was gonna do a boycott if the compulsory part was instituted without a public option plan. So...after all.

I waited just long enough to get XM; now I won't. Though I don't have the right words, what I'd really like to message about is withdrawing from ALL the superficial framing...romantic facts of musketeers...and just doing something (without any illusions re the solidarity of a world movement). To just head out there like Otsu in Endo's "Deep River" (but with a little more help from my friends perhaps?). Progressives need to go beneath the surface, but where and when are they going to get the education that'll help'em do it? Just reading Maggie Mahar's book on money driven medicine...I can't believe all the ideological crap America has swallowed in re to healthcare [that Frist interview I bumped into a week or 3 back didn't even scratch the surface...maybe it was some old cassette]

Anyway we need an amendment to remove personhood for corps...or campaign finance reform. Hmm, there is no Congressional joint resolution necessary for the states that permit/allow popular initiatives?

reyespd said...

Nicole, Glad to hear you'll still be doing your show. I hope so much that you get on another radio station. The first time I heard you was when you filled in for Randi Rhodes. I instantly fell in love. You have heart. Stand Strong.