Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday, here we come!

It's great to be hosting a daily, three-hour talk show again! But it's also a bit exhausting. So, as much as I've been enjoying the past couple of weeks, I'm truly looking forward to the weekend.

Today's show was action packed. Beginning with an interview with a homeless man. Seriously.

He's know as Cadillac Man because in a one-month period, he was hit by six Cadillacs in a one-month period. Seriously! And the last one hit him so hard that it left an imprint on his chest that he proudly showed off. People began calling him Cadillac Man, and it stuck.

I spoke with him today because he's written a book - Land of Lost Souls - which was published last week, and is receiving rave reviews, like this one from the NY Times. After listening to him, you might look differently at the street people you pass on your way to work tomorrow.

With the rise of the political blog, we're also seemingly seeing the demise of the printed newspaper. I wasn't alone in noticing the history made the moment when President Obama called on Sam Stein from Huffington Post for a question at his first presidential press conference last month. Today, I spoke with Sam about the changes in the media world, and some of the stories he's following today.

From Sam, one who covers the news, I moved on to someone who made news this weekend. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz joined me to talk about her year-long battle with breast cancer, during which she continued working while undergoing seven major surgeries, including a double mastectomy and having her ovaries removed. We talked about new legislation she had just introduced in the House to promote early education about breast cancer among younger women, as well as about health care reform.

And in hour three today, we went back to how the Obama administration is embracing the new technology age. First, I spoke with Wendy Greene, Managing Director of The Peace Alliance, who had hoped that President Obama would answer their question about the possibility of a cabinet level Department of Peace during today's online Town Hall Meeting (he didn't). But we talked about it nonetheless, and the reasons it's something we should work toward.

And finally, I spoke with Chris Snyder of Wired magazine about his current piece: Government Agencies Make Friends with New Media about how this White House is embracing the tools available today to get its message out.

I must run to take my daughter to a doctors appointment, but will upload some interviews from today's show later today... Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

I hope to hear more about the Department of Peace idea on your show. From looking at the Peace Alliance web site, it sounds like this bill has the capability of dramatically reducing violence in our society.