Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm not a pest, I'm just persistent!

That's what was imprinted on a button I found years ago, and which, for years, was embedded in the bulletin board above my desk. And the memory of it came flooding back to me last night while listening to President Obama's closing statement after his somewhat slow-paced press conference.

Patience. I guess I could have played the Guns N Roses song today on my Air America radio show. But I didn't... I did, however, feature Big Bottom by Spinal Tap, to welcome Harry Shearer (aka Derek Smalls) to the program! He and his Spinal Tap/Folksmen colleagues and their alter-egos are hitting the road next month for the Unwigged and Unplugged Tour, and I can't wait! You can listen to my interview with Harry Shearer by clicking here, and check the link above for info about the tour....

We went from the sublime to the ridiculous today, showing that you can cover all the bases in the span of three hours on the radio! Yes, we listened to some of the clips from last night's press conference (including the most inane question of the evening from NBC's Chuck Todd), and had fun with rock trivia (I'm still looking for video of my appearance on Rock & Roll Jeopardy from 2000!).

I also spoke with Brad Friedman, the man behind, who is fighting the good fight by uncovering election fraud, even in this off-year, when most of us have moved our attention to other topics. But you need to know what's going on with your votes, and should certainly read his latest pieces on the topic in "Kentucky Fried Clickin'".

And the scary was covered today too. Jaemi Levine is a mom who learned first-hand how easy it is for the truly despicable who walk among us to get to our kids. And because of her first-hand knowledge, she founded Mothers Agains Predators. I urge you to listen to our interview here, and visit her website, and do what you need to do to protect our children.