Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Love LA!

I do. It feels so good to be back here.

I'm back in Los Angeles to attend the Radio & Records Talk Radio Seminar, which runs Thursday through Saturday, but took the opportunity to visit friends and enjoy my old hometown.

I know California is having massive money woes. The situation is worse there than it is in Florida, where I've been living for the past five years. I believe California will be the first state to move forward on an idea I've been pushing (so to speak) for a while now-- legalizing marijuana and taxing the hell out of it. You want to generate revenue Arnold? There's somewhere to start!

But I digress. Today was the type of day I daydream about when I'm longing for the good old days... weather-wise, anyway. Perfect mid-70s temp, crystal clear blue skies. And driving around my old stomping grounds, I went on part one of the Nicole's former homes tour. Today, it was the driving by of my first home in Laurel Canyon, and my last home before leaving LA in Culver City. I'm still sore from punching myself for ever selling it.

Tonight, I'm going to take in some Hollywood treats. My old friend Rami Jaffee (keyboardist extraordinaire, best known for The Wallflowers) has resuscitated the Tuesday night jam sessions at the Kibitz Room at Canters Deli. The music starts at 10pm. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow...


John said...

Legalizing marijuana. Nicole if this happens in our life time you need to throw a bong party out on Hollywood Beach.

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Singer smoke it
And players of instruments too
Legalize it, yeah, yeah
That's the best thing you can do
Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even the lawyers too

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

It's good for the flu
It's good for asthma
Good for tuberculosis
Even umara composis