Friday, March 20, 2009

He's Baaack

The he to whom I am referring is Keith Olbermann. My Keith Olbermann. The one who makes me smile that knowing smile that says "he really gets it!" He was back in full force last night with a truly Special Comment.

I'll forgive him those Special Comments that weren't so special for saying what he said last night. I will play some clips from it on my Air America show today (noon-3 ET at, but you need to take the seven minutes necessary to watch this... now!

***Edit*** As I'm getting content together for today's show on Air America, the Howard Beale speech from Network kept playing in my mind. So, I will use some of it on the show today, and figured we should all watch it again... and either say ENOUGH or say I'M AS MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE! It honestly brought tears to my eyes...

It was a great night of TV last night (and I'm not talking my Thursday night double-dose of guilty pleasures by way of Survivor and Grey's Anatomy. Nope... In addition to Keith's Special Comment, Bruce Springsteen appeared on the Daily Show with a giddy, almost star-struck Jon Stewart! I'm not criticizing here... I'd be just as giddy and star-struck, as Bruce is my dream guest!. But what a great appearance, with a very impressive interview and an amazing acoustic performance of "Working on a Dream," the title track of his new album. Here's the interview, just in case you missed it:

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And the nightcap came on The Tonight Show, as history was made with the first appearance by a sitting president on a late-night talk show. President Obama proved to be a class act (well, aside from a bad joke that I'm sure will have the right all over him), and such an intelligent change of pace from what we had to endure for the past eight years! If you just couldn't stay awake to see it last night, you can still see it here, now:


SoloPocono said...

Hi Nicole,
This is elaine again. (You'd tweeted me about my comment a few weeks ago on AAR's blog). FIRST-sorry, I'd misunderstood you when you tweeted me.
BUT, wanted to add a few things to my continuing saga as a former professional, now dealing with the "system" because of the failures in our health insurance system- a cycle that once dependent on it, doesn't give you the opportunities to get off.
Last week medicaid decided that my medication I took for constant ulcers-due to taking NSAIDs for many years-is no longer "medically necessary". I've spent the past 2 days throwing up and it looks like I'll be going to the hospital later today because the bleeding has started again.
On top of that: Two weeks ago I had a mammogram. It was "abnormal and they called me back in for a repeat and an ultrasound. It shows a small, hard mass in my right breast. The radiologist is extremely worried because of my past history of cancer, (Ovarian). HOWEVER-he said that he doubted that Medicaid would be covering the second mammogram, (they normally won't cover anymore than one mammo/yr--like my visits to my ortho in Philly, despite the rapid deterioration of my connective tissue-one visit/yr)--and that the "rules" say, that they will not cover a biopsy, or "lumpectomy", (what he would do if I were covered by anything else), UNTIL the tumor reaches a certain SIZE??!!!
I'm going back for a third mammo in 6-8wks to see if it's "grown" to the "required" size.
On the BRIGHT Side of Life: I got an email from Philly NORML yesterday. Between my glaucoma, chronic ulcers, muscle spasms-and the dislocations the spasms and deterioration cause-medical marijuana is VERY much on my radar, so-to-speak. Here is a link-it appears that PA may NOT be the last State to approve this valuable Herb!!
Medical Marijuana to be Introduced in PA: Cohen will push for medical marijuana
I'm TRYING to figure out a way I can afford to move to Philly-both for better medical access as well as to help out PhillyNORML to accelerate passage of this. (I know, "accelerate" isn't exactly a known term in Government)
I only hope that Obama and the Dems will grow some balls and realize that "bi-partisanship" is NOT going to happen-the corporatocracy OWNS the repugs and isn't about to give in to any REAL "Change".
PS It's GREAT to be able to listen to you everyday!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
elainemg at ptd dot net