Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve and a last minute gift

I'm getting ready to fill in for Ron Kuby today on Air America (3-6pm eastern), and today's show should be a good one, but I must share this with you before I crack the mic...

Last night, I was searching for the gun shaped egg fryer that Dave Barry told us about yesterday (scroll down to yesterday's post to see his very unique Holiday Gift Guide!). The link takes you to, where I was disappointed to learn that the egg fryer was sold out. But it gave some other gift ideas, like the "My Sexy Little Pole".

Now, not only is the product worth checking out (and perhaps getting for that special someone in your life), but there are three product reviews that are worth the price of admission and more! This one was my favorite (and I found it interesting that only 2 or 9 people found this review helpful!:

2 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
Worth it for the DVD alone, October 21, 2008

NedMuffin (Cambridge, UK) - See all my reviewsI was delighted at the prospect of purchasing an East European bride, as was my elderly mother who couldn't wait for her 48-year old son to leave home. Although Amazon's newest range appeared to be limited to this one Polish babe, I really liked the look of the leggy blonde in the photo, despite her being incorrectly dressed for the scaffolding work she was apparently undertaking. Even with my limited knowledge of the opposite sex, this looked like just the type of special lady that would be handy around the house and a fox in the bedroom. When the parcel arrived, I guessed from the size and shape that I had made an awful mistake, probably due to my over excitement at the prospect of finally finding a life-partner. Of course, mummy said I should have been more suspicious of the modest price but I didn't hear the old dragon comment at the time. In the end, my expectations were dashed by my ignorance of pole dancing, a practice that consists entirely of listening to music whilst hanging upside-down in your underwear. I know this now because the pole -- which incidentally, I use to support mummy's sagging washing line -- came with a free DVD that I watch on a nightly basis after the battleaxe has gone to bed. The quality of this DVD alone warrants my 5-star rating.

On today's show, we'll talk about holding the outgoing administration accountable for their crimes with David Swanson (of, and in the first hour. In the second hour, we'll speak with Richard Cohen, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you don't know of this group, you need to hear what they do! And check out the website at


elkojohn said...

hi Nicole,
your 24-Dec podcast is one of the best ever.
i'm going to nominate you for a Poddy at the
Annual Podcasts Awards for the Best Fill-In
Podcast of '08 ;-)
Seriously, thanks for staying on the
accountability of Bush et al for their
crimes against Humanity
and the US Constitution.

RadioOrNot said...

Thank you John, for being such a loyal and active listener!! (Although yesterday's show wasn't podcast, it just aired live on Air America!)

I believe you sent me the link from the Newsweek article about prosecuting Rumsfeld.. I have the guy who wrote that article coming on next week... so thanks for the heads-up.

I hope you're having a happy holiday!

John said...

I hope your gun egg cooker becomes available soon. It' looks like you could also use it as a cookie cutter. As you know Nicole nothing brings out any cookie celebration like a Colt-45. That would be the gun and the malt liqueur. Guns and beer the worlds best celebration combination. LOL. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.