Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Long Goodbye Begins

Hear today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 24:26)

I begin both today's blog and today's podcast episode by correcting myself for something I said yesterday. I somewhat backpedaled immediately after saying it, but didn't go back far enough. Then Rachel Maddow corrected me on her MSNBC show.

No, I don't think she did it intentionally... but in her "Lame Duck Watch" segment, she spoke of the damage that W is doing on his way out of office... just a few mere hours after I said he really couldn't do much more damage in his lame status.

See, I was wrong. And I went looking for more of these last minute regulations that are being thrust down our collective throats by this administration. The California Nurses's Association has put together an interesting website to illustrate some of them, and give you a venue to voice your displeasure by signing a petition. Check out http://www.sendbushpacking.com/.

If you can stomach it, you can watch some of the "highlights" of George W. Bush's first "exit interview" with Charles Gibson on ABC here. What's even more fun, though sad in a strange way - when you think about the fact that this guy has inhabited the White House for the past eight years- is to read the transcript, which you can do here.

A few other stories I touched on in today's podcast include the Big Three chiefs heading back to DC, driving their hybrids, taking massive pay cuts and asking again for the money, this time by saying pretty please, with the sugar on top being actual business plans.

And our junior Senator from Florida, Republican Mel Martinez, has decided not to run for re-election. Actually, that's not a big surprise, but worth noting today.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about seeing Ray Davies Saturday night at the newly renovated "Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater" in Miami Beach, and give you some holiday radio fill-in news.

Hear today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 24:26)


elkojohn said...

Nicole, I hope Cindy Sheehan can take up the cause of V. Bugliosi and go after Bush for killing her son.

John said...

If you remember GW said 3 years ago that he was looking forward to the talk sericate so he can make money like Bill Clinton. I think you pointed this out one of your shows. Well he isn't so GW go back to backward TX and hack weeds. Yeah GW is a train wreck.