Friday, December 12, 2008

Sidelined by tech problems

Sorry for the lack of new shows this week. As we near the end of the year, it seems my equipment has been rebelling! I've been working on a video project for a client, and my Mac decided to melt down on me. So, I've been a bit sidetracked by the need to get that project done, not leave a client in the lurch and make some money!

Once I got those problems fixed, my printer apparently decided it was it's turn to monopolize my energies for the better part of the day today!

On top of all that, I'm working on getting my home studio upgraded to be able to do the Air America fill-in work from here. I'll be guest-hosting the Ron Kuby Show during the weeks of Christmas and New Years (Mon-Wed 12/22-24 and Mon-Wed 12/29-21), and I've been dealing with AT&T to get the broadcast lines installed, as well as an engineer to get the equipment I need to be able to do this.

Unfortunately, the Radio or Not podcast has suffered this week. But I promise you that I'll be here and podcast over the holidays and well in to the next year, when hopefully we'll take this baby to new heights!

So, thanks for your patience... We'll get back to the year in review next week, along with some thoughts on the craziness in the end of the year news cycle!


elkojohn said...

I just love what computers can do, if only they could be touble free. Patience, patience, patience. . . ugh!