Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Two-fer Tuesday: Que Pasa Illinois, and 2008 in Review: January

Hear today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 46:12)

Since I skipped a day yesterday, I'm stealing a theme from Rock Radio... Today is Two-Fer Tuesday.... You get two, two, two shows in one!

The first half of today's Radio or Not podcast is a look at what's in the news today, most of which centers on Illinois. Yes, the governor stood up for the workers at Republic Windows & Glass, who've staged a sit-in. The plant was shuttered, and the workers are being denied certain things they've worked for, including severence and vacation pay.

Even with my limited understanding of business principles, I do know that businesses operate on credit. The biggest casualties in our economic meltdown have been small businesses lines of credit. The $7 billion bailout of our banking industry was supposed to, once again, make credit available both to businesses who need it to stay in business and to consumers who wish to use credit for purchases.

Unfortunately, in Chicago, Republic Windows and Glass who had previously been given operating credit by Bank of America is being refused that credit. The governor of Illinois gave a press conference yesterday in which he said the state will suspend doing business with BofA until they resume doing business with companies such as Republic...

See video of that press conference here.

But, oh, what a difference a day makes, as federal authorities showed up at Governor Rod Blagojevich's home at 6:15 this morning and arrested him on corruption charges related to his appointment of President-elect Barack Obama's replacement in the Senate. Read all about it here.

The second half of today's Radio or Not podcast is the beginning of our annual Year in Review. Today, we go back to January of 2008... from the Iowa caucuses to the final George W. Bush State of the Union address. Listen and remember...

Hear today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 46:12)


elkojohn said...

perhaps a few hundred thou. to get appointed Senator is more cost effective than spending a few million to get elected. Say it ain't so Ethel. . . ''gov't. of, by & for the Big Money''