Monday, March 23, 2009

Another week on Air America Radio

If you're already signed up for my email list, you got my latest missive in which I let you know that the powers that be at Air America have asked me to continue hosting the noon-3 (EDT) slot for another week. We'll kick off this week's shows today with a listen back to some of the highlights from President Obama's appearance on 60 minutes last night.

Just in case you missed it...

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We'll also talk about an issue that's coming to a head today in Miami. But it's an issue many cities across the country have dealt with -- public financing of a stadium. Here in South Florida, the Miami City Commission last week voted 3-2 to approve the public funding of a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins to play in. Today, it goes before the Miami-Dade County Commission... the final hurdle in the very long battle.

Should taxpayer dollars go to fund a stadium which will benefit a private sports franchise?

And we'll also look at the way we socialize and network in the 00's. Facebook and Twitter are the hot social networking sites. (You can click on the links to befriend me and follow me, respectively. But if you want to be my friend, please tell me you're a Radio or Not reader/listener, as I don't just blindly add everyone!)

Is Twitter too confusing? And are you among the multitudes who are mad as hell about the new Facebook format? Chris Willman, former music critic for Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post blogger and Facebook critic, will join us in hour 3 today. Read his recent HuffPo meme on the new Facebook here.

Plus, my favorite new song and website come from Jonathan Mann. He's writing a song a day for his website at Check out Hey Paul Krugman, and listen in to our third hour today, as he'll also join us. Maybe he'll even write a theme song for the show!