Monday, April 13, 2009

Not too bad for a Monday!

Aside from the fact that the three hours flew by on Air America today, it was also a good day thanks to Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald, who wrote this lovely piece!

On today's show, I spoke with Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State... someone every Christian fundamentalist in this country needs to listen to!

I reached out to Shannon Moriarty, editor of the End Homelessness blog at She's a grad student at Tufts University, who is studying housing and urban policy, and has done a great job on this blog.

Since animals are also affected by the bad economy, I was moved when I read of Joni Taylor's efforts to help feed some dogs whose owners are having a tough time these days. She's the founder of FIDO (Friends Involved in Dog Outreach) in Clackamas, Oregon, where she also started a dog food bank! If you're in the Portland area and can help or need help, or if you're elsewhere but want information on what Joni's doing in Oregon, you can reach out to her at or call 971-678-6928.

In the third hour of today's show, I spoke with Zephyr Teachout, who works as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Duke University, and is one of the organizers behind A New Way Forward.  If you are at all concerned about the bank bailouts and the way the Obama administration is handling the economic crisis in this country, you owe it to yourself and the rest of us to visit that website and, at the very least, become informed.  Or better than that, get involved!

I'll be back on Air America tomorrow from noon-3 Eastern.  We'll kick off the show with Joe Garcia, who'll fill us in on all the developments with Cuban-American relations.