Monday, April 13, 2009

The Times They Are a Changin'

It's certainly a new day at the White House, on this Monday, the day after Easter.

It's time for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, and you might want to ask, "How is this Easter Egg Roll different from all other Easter Egg Rolls?"

For starters, it comes just days after the very first Passover Seder at the White House. Yes, our Christian President and First Lady hosted the first-ever White House Seder.

It's a new dawn that embraces inclusiveness and tolerance.

I remember doing an interview with one of the White House Easter Egg Roll "crashers" in 2006. She and her partner were among a group of "gay and lesbian families" who dared to show up for the "straight family only" event, identified for all the world to see by the rainbow-colored leis around their necks. Today, members of the LGBT community will be there, as invited guests. No special identification necessary to spotlight their inclusion!

If you feel so moved, you can actually watch the 30,000 kids who'll participate today roll their respective eggs along the White House lawn here, as it will stream live on the internet -- another first!

And just in case you're still upset by President Obama's flippant dismissal during his first-ever Online Town Hall Meeting of the question about legalizing marijuana, I think he might be trying to make it up to us today. Ziggy Marley will be one of the musical performers at today's White House soiree. Just a thought....


Sylvan Quinn said...

Hopefully, this event will herald the acceptance of same sex marriage, which both Obama and Biden, from what I understood, said they were not in favor of during the election (which I assumed was not to alienate a certain voting block prior to being elected...). Maybe this will also herald a change in regards to what politicians say (or don't say) in order to get elected...