Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ask President Obama to Commit to a Public Option

I just got this note from listener Marilyn, and it's a great idea. I hope you'll do as she suggests. I just did...

Tomorrow President Obama is holding a 2:30 PM conference call to talk about HCR. Millions of Americans from Organizing for America have signed on to receive the call. There will also be a question and answer segment, even for people not participating on the call. We get to submit a question. I'm sending you the link in the hopes you can ask your listeners to submit a question. Thousands of us have submitted the same question in the hopes that President Obama will answer it based on the fact that so many people are asking the same question.

The question we want asked of him is ......

Mr President, are you willing to commit to all Americans, especially the 46 million uninsured, that you will NOT sign a bill without a strong and robust public option?

We're are hoping it will be like the pot question he got several months ago that he answered because he said it was the most popular question.


Barry Schwartz said...

He won't answer yes, but the sentiment will be strongly conveyed.

(I mean, if I were a representative I might answer yes, but I think a president ought to show some deference to the people's branch of government.)