Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Blowing Whistles And Cutting Crap

We'll attempt to both tonight on my Air America radio program. (Listen by clicking here as it streams live from 11pm-1am ET)

Let's start with the cutting of the crap, please. It comes courtesy of Milt Shook, proprietor of the straight-shooting blog, Although Milt has been at it for a while, with common-sense musings on important issues of the day, his recent writings that take on the gargantuan job of "Deconstructing the Right Wing Lies on the Health Insurance Bill."

Seriously, Milt started this task after coming across this article by Alan Caruba (who Wikipedia describes as " is a public relations counselor and freelance writer who is a frequent critic of environmentalism, Islam and global warming," entitled "Page After Page of Reasons to Hate ObamaCare." So, he systematically refutes each and every one of the "reasons"....

And this just in. Literally... This email from Milt just arrived in my inbox:

I've had to put up a new installment of my now infamous deconstruction of the right wing's lies about the health care. As you'll recall, the first installment was from a memo from folks who seemed to run out of steam at about page 500. Then a reader turned me on to a memo posted by Liberty Counsel; a bunch of so-called "Christian Lawyers," who passed on a new list, containing most of the originals, but expanding on the list, and including the rest of the bill. Lots more lies; it makes you wonder what Jesus might say if he came down here and saw followers of his lying in order to deny people the ability to see a doctor...

We have to keep putting the pressure on Congress, and to do that, we have to be able to counter the right's lies. Please pass this post on to everyone you can think of; I don't write this stuff for me... Traffic to my blog soared when I posted this, but let's be real; I still don't make any money from this, and I don't expect to.

And yes, there WILL be a part III...

Milt will join us tonight in our first hour.

I'm thrilled to welcome Wendell Potter to the show in the second hour tonight. Wendell Potter served as the head of corporate communications at Cigna for 15 years, following a similar stint at Humana, another big for-profit health insurance company. He came to my attention last month, after testifying before the Senate and sitting for a compelling interview with Bill Moyers that everyone should watch!

Potter now serves as The Center for Media and Democracy's Senior Fellow on Health Care, and is now known as one of the insurance industry's toughest whistleblowers! Read his blog here.

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Talk to you soon, radio or not...