Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Night Healthcare Reform Club

We had the birthers, the deathers, and now the teabaggers bring us the disruptors... but those of us on the front lines of the battle for true health care reform will not let them have their way!

All Hail the Democratic Alliance of Northwest Indiana, who successfully deflected the disruptors at last night's town hall meeting with Congressman Pete Visclosky. In his DailyKos diary, one Don Briggs wrote "Tea Baggers FAIL to Disrupt Town Hall Meeting, Lessons Shared".
Tonight, we'll get a lesson from the organizers of that meeting. Don Briggs and Karen Kroczek will join us from Indiana!

I'll take some of the advice given tomorrow night, when I'm the guest speaker at the Democracy for America Miami meeting on health care reform! Click here for all the info... if you're in South Florida, I hope you'll come out and join us!

For the past few weeks, I've been reading a lot about health care reform, and one of the best sources I've found is Timothy Noah from Slate.com.

In addition to the definitive online guide to health care reform, Tim has written quite a few pieces jam-packed with info, including:

"Why You Can't Trust Your Health Insurer Private insurance companies dump very sick claimants based on stupid technicalities. That's reason enough to support health reform,"

"Hold the Mayo Making doctors salaried employees is a great goal. Health care reform won't achieve it,"

"Why Isn't Single-Payer "Uniquely American"? Congress says Canada's health care system is at odds with American values. What if that's wrong?,"

and today's column, Can Obama Make You Buy Health Insurance? An inquiry into health reform's constitutionality," among a plethora of others!

It makes for great reading and, I hope, an interesting guest, as Tim Noah will join me tonight at 11pm ET to start tonight's show on Air America radio.

We'll have some time to talk about the rest of the news of the day. And in the second hour, I'll be joined by Lisa Derrick, who writes the La Figa blog at FireDogLake. Always the multi-tasker, she'll be hosting FDL's live chat while chatting with me on the air.

Join in the fun by clicking here to listen live, calling in at 866-303-2270, chatting in my loaner chat room here, or with Lisa at FireDogLake.