Friday, August 21, 2009

One More Show Before It's The Weekend!

The first hour of the final show of the week will be spent talking with Jack Cole, executive director of LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, about the big news today that Mexico was legalizing drug possession for personal use. The law goes into effect today!

In the second hour, I'll be joined by Mark Karlin, editor and publisher of BuzzFlash, for a wrap-up of the week's news.

And we'll close out the week with a look at how the progressive community has finally engaged in the health care fight. I'll be joined by Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, who's been at the forefront of the battle. In addition to their website, Roger suggests everyone interested in getting involved visit, which has become the headquarters for around a thousand different groups working for reform.

Listen live by clicking here, call in at 866-303-2270, and join in the live chat here!