Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Last night's Late Night Radio....

In case you didn't stay awake last night, here are some highlights from my Air America Radio program... I hope these clips entice you to stay awake or to remember to listen if you are up between 11pm and 1am ET!

Tim Karr of FreePress.net and SaveTheInternet.com joined me to explain the concept of Net Neutrality and tell us about The Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009, which was just introduced on Friday! Listen to our interview here.

Kevin Zeese, executive director of ProsperityAgenda.US joined me to talk about what we need to do if we're serious about pushing for single payer health care in the US. Hear our conversation by clicking here.

And finally, I attempted to interview Bob MacGuffie yesterday. He's the guy who wrote the memo entitled "Rocking the Town Halls -- Best Practices" under the auspices of an organization called Right Principles. If you click on the link to the memo, and scroll down to the bottom of page 9, you'll find the phone number and email address for Bob MacGuffie.

I called him... I didn't ask for permission to record the first call, so I transcribed our comversation. I did say I was recording when I called him back, and he kept talking... Listen to the segment from last night's show in which I talked about the experience and played the tape of the second call by clicking here.