Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in the Saddle

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So much news, so little time. Yes, that's what happens when you're out of the game for a while. After being sidelined with the flu (or whatever it was), I'm feeling better albeit a little overwhelmed when deciding what stories to comment on.

So, today is a bit of a potpourri of the stories that have dominated the news in the last week, plus a postscript on GW Bush's State of the Union addresses.

Yes, tonight, President Barack Obama will address a joint session of Congress and the nation in lieu of a State of the Union address because, after all, how could he possibly speak of the State of the Union without uttering the words "we're in deep shit," or something similar.

In 2001 at his first address to the nation and joint session of Congress, George W. Bush was able to boast of a "balanced budget, big surpluses, and a country at peace with it's neighbors." An ideal way to begin a presidency, huh? One could really build on that, right?

Not if you're George W. Bush, or a wage war and spend, fiscally irresponsible Republican. Can someone explain to me how we allow the Republicans to keep spreaking lies about who's responsible for getting us in this mess? After all, the Democrats finally control both houses of Congress and the White House... How about they take control of the country and turn it around, regardless of the obstructionist policies of the Republicans?

Hopefully we'll hear some of that forceful rhetoric from President Obama tonight in his (not) State of the Union address.

Hear today's edition of Radio or Not by clicking here (runtime 19:08)