Thursday, February 26, 2009

Introducing the Ken Dal

What do you get when you put Kenneth from 30 Rock together with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal? The Ken Dal!

The first whiff I smelled of the similarities between the two came via a Facebook friend, who commented on it during Jindal's Republican response to President Obama's speech on Tuesday night. I watched as the comparison spread like a virus through the blogosphere, TV and radio over the past day and a half. So, obviously, I was not alone in putting together my vision of the morphed manifestation.

So here it is, my contribution to the growing library of childish humor... behold the Ken Dal.

Click here to listen to it... it is today's Radio or Not podcast. It's a short one, clocking in at a very quick- but action-packed- 3:45... so you can listen to it over and over again.

Today was a busy day... so I'll have more to say tomorrow. And you'll be able to listen to me Saturday on 850 WFTL, as I guest host the Stacy Ritter Report from 11am-12noon!