Monday, February 02, 2009

Let's call it the Bruce Bowl

No, I didn't watch the football game last night. I did, however, tune in just in time for the halftime show!

Gone are the days of marching bands and drill teams. The bar has been raised to Springsteen territory.

I always said that Bruce couldn't play the Superbowl because his shows demand more than 12 minutes. Although in interviews leading up to those 12 minutes last night he said it'd be like the final 12 minutes of one of his shows, that wasn't quite right.

But the E Street Band last night did a great job of showing the non-inititated what a Springsteen concert is like... a giant party in which everyone lucky enough to be in the place is having a blast!

I must say that I was a bit disappointed by my boyfriend's reaction. When I called him moments after the final note, and breathlessly asked "So?" waiting for him to say something to the effect of, "ok, now I get it"... but instead got "ok, you watched it? So I can delete it from my Tivo?" I was surprised. Although he did say "it didn't suck," it wasn't quite the reaction I was looking for.

I guess you have to be there.... So, with the released of the brand new album, "Working on a Dream, " Bruce has announced concert dates. Unfortunately, none in the first US leg of the tour come anywhere near South Florida. And although I do have a few business trips planned in the coming months, none coincide with any E Street Band dates.

But you can rest assured that I'll be there when he does come back to South Florida, this time with the boyfriend it tow... and then I'll get the "Now I get it" reaction I'm waiting for!

One postscript to last week's mention of Springsteen and his deal with the devil (aka walmart): He addressed the issue in an interview with the NY Times that ran yesterday and admitted to making a big mistake. We all make mistakes but, as we've seen in recent times, most are reluctant to cop to them. I give Bruce credit for saying that the deal was wrong, and saying that he expects his fans to call him on the mistakes when he does make them.

Read the NY Times piece here and, in case you didn't see the show last night, enjoy the performace (while it's up on You Tube... I have a feeling they won't be posted long!):

part 1

part 2

Hear today's Radio or Not podcast here (runtime 16:11)


John said...

Nicole, even if the boyfriend was out of town you should have had the game on. It's the fracken Super Bowl. I was at my friends with out of town guest in tow and she didn't care about the game, it was a party. Her husband is a football fan but she watched and we ate and ate and ate. Besides Keith Olbermann was on the pre-game, halftime and post game shows along with Bob Costas. How could you miss that? My friends and I were glad Bruce played old stuff. Good Super Bowl all around. Couldn't you just watch for the commercials?