Saturday, February 28, 2009

Listen today to 850 WFTL 11am-noon EST

I'll be filling in for Stacy Ritter on "The Ritter Report" this morning. If you're not in South Florida, you can listen to the stream at

Tonight is Broward County's annual Jefferson Jackson dinner, and the guest speaker is Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. You might remember him from the Democratic Convention. He was this year's most electric speaker -- next to Barack Obama, of course! I'll chat with Broward Democratic Party Chairman Mitch Cesar for a few moments about tonight's party.

Then we'll switch gears, and speak with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz about the "Helping Families Save Thir Homes" Act, which she co-sponsored. What would this mean for us?

And I'll be taking your calls too at 877-850-8585. Talk to you then!


Johnny Rivera said...

Great job Nicole!!!! Hit all the key points within 1hr...Wow

JT(Chicago) said...

Sorry I missed the show - sounds like it was great. Maybe you'll add the audio here?

I wondered if you had any interest in our Congressional primary - Il. 5th District - to fill Rahm's vacated seat. The field is crowded with 12 Dems running.

The three pols with the most name recognition have the gloves off & knives out. Check the CapitolFaxBlog and Jesse Greenberg's blog for more on that.

There's also a great progressive candidate in the race (my pick!) - Tom Geoghegan. He's been endorsed by the Nation, Thomas Frank, and Joe Conason among others. Hopefully, he'll be able to win the day as the others cut each other up. Take care and thanks for the great shows.