Friday, April 17, 2009

It's not torture if we say it's not!

That seems to be the bottom line of the four memos written by Bush administration officials that were released yesterday, thanks to the work of the ACLU.

Click here to read the actual memos themselves.

Watch this video of the director of the America Civil Liberties Union's National Security Project, Jameel Jaffer, explaining why they filed for the release of the memos under the Freedom of Information Act:

Mr. Jaffer will be my guest at 12:35 ET today on Air America radio. His appearance will be followed at 1:00 by Bob Fertik of, who have already put up an online petition calling for No Amnesty for Torturers.

I've been fervently looking for someone on the right to condone these memos and the use of torture by our government, but they've been eerily silent on the matter. The only one I could find was the wingnut Scarborough, from Morning Joe this morning, on the "lefty" network, MSNBC:

I may just have to play devils advocate today, if I can't find someone to come on the air with me to defend the torturers. After all, Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday that we will pay to defend the people who tortured prisoners against any lawsuits, and our taxpayer dollars will be used to pay damages, if any are awarded them due to said lawsuits.

Today is our last day of this week's run on Air America Live, from noon-3 ET. I want to end the week on an up-note, so actor/comedian John Fugelsang will join me for the last hour. We'll hang out and talk about all the news events of recent weeks.... I hope you'll join us too, by listening here or here, and calling in to 866-303-2270.