Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doing Time for Ron Kuby today on Air America

Just a few days after Ron Kuby took over the noon-3 ET slot on Air America, he has to have a tooth extracted.  So, I'm back in the saddle again today... and there's so much to discuss.

As promised yesterday, in the third hour I will once again speak with Military Religous Freedom Foundation founder/president Mikey Weinstein about Robert Draper's piece in GQ and the role religion played in W's military actions (see yesterday's blog for more on this, along with links).

In our first hour, I'll chat with Politico's Glenn Thrush about the problem with Pelosi and more Republican hypocrisy.  My burning question is, If the Republicans want Pelosi out for lying, what about Bush & Cheney?!?!

And in hour 2, we'll learn about BlackRock. No, not CBS, but the money management company that is emerging from our financial crisis as one of the fed's biggest advisors and one of the nation's financial powerhouses!  

Stephanie will be along with a look at last night's television, and I'll ask for your help with my frog problem.  

I hope you'll listen live at, or participate in the chat at  And call in too at 866-303-2270....


Fancy Pants Elitist said...

what frog problem?

BTW, you said you had podcasts at your site.... er.


RadioOrNot said...

Hey Fancy Pants,

Most of the blog entries have links to podcasts that go with each post.

But for a full menu of the podcasts, just go to