Friday, May 15, 2009

The protest song is alive and well...

And we'll be using many that were suggested by listeners and Facebook friends today on Air America Live, from noon-3 ET at  

I'll update the list as we go along, and I hope you'll participate by adding your suggestions to the comments below, or calling in to the show at 866-303-2270... We'll use as many of them as possible today, and will compile a list when it's all done.

The reason for the theme today is apparent.  The House yesterday passed a massive war spending bill to continue financing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And we're seeing our president standing by many of the practices we abhorred during the previous administration. 

With Dick Cheney as a constant televised reminder of the atrocities they committed in our names, still spewing his lies and venom.  We must speak out to demand that those responsible are held accountable.

I've long bemoaned the lack of a new generation of protest songs... but I asked for suggestions, and you came through loud and clear.  So we'll spotlight those today, as I focus in on the topic that Cheney is keeping at the forefront of the news cycle... torture.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern will join me in the first hour.  And we'll hear what the other side thinks in the second hour, as Newsmax columnist John LeBoutillier checks in.  And I definitely want to hear from you too!

Today will be my last day hosting Air America Live.  Doing Time with Ron Kuby will move into this slot beginning Monday.  You can always find me here at  And I'll still be doing work for Air America... as soon as next week.  I'll be guest-hosting the Ron Reagan show next Friday, 5/22, and the following Monday 5/25.

As always, I'll keep speaking out... Radio or Not!


SoloPocono said...

Nicole-here's a page with "our" protest songs of the 60's-70's.
Two RECENT songs that my kids and I all agree with are: Michael Franti and Spearhead--"Stay Human/All the Freaky People", (MOST of Franti's music could be termed "Protest"-he also did a remake of "War"; and The Human Revolution--"Tree Of Life"!!
This generation is NOT lacking in their own "Protest" music!!

tamra said...

Enjoying the protest songs!

I think you might want to include “Halliburton” (written and performed by Captain Danger).

Here’s a link to download it:

Song has amazing lyrics (pasted below) and it's a great tune.

There’s also a very intriguing video for the song - and check out who’s in the band!
It’s on myspace page:

Also on

Anyway, enjoy!



- - -

(by Captain Danger)

Halle Berry, she’s all right
She’s easy on the eyes
But there’s a brand new girl in the eyes of the world
Who has taken the prize

She’s our damsel in distress
She’ll leave us in a bloody mess

You can see through her dress
So does that make you feel safer more or less?
And if you want that blood to boil
You need the bubbling black crude oil

‘cause she wants it, she needs it
Anything to keep her hot
They’re tapping your line
and teasing your mind the bad man’s
going to get caught

She’s our damsel in distress
She’ll leave us in a bloody mess

Now the Big Easy’s under water
So they made an offering to the devil’s daughter
Guess who got the contract to clean that up?
What luck.
So New Orleans is singin’ the blues
While Condi was out buying shoes
She couldn’t think twice
She had to look nice
She’s our damsel in distress
She’ll leave us in a bloody mess

Cheney’s got a gun
If I were you I’d run

He’s been drinking
Now he’s thinking he needs somebody to drill
“Other priorities” back in the day
but now he’s ready to kill

And so the globe is just getting warm
I wish dumb ol’ Dubya had never been born
But if that mission gets accomplished
You know the name of his accomplice . . .

Daniel Jacobs said...

Dear Mr. President by the 4 non blonds.

Kevin said...

Phil Ochs always and forever!

My overlooked favorite, "I Kill Therefore I Am":

Meet the king of the cowboys

He rides a pale pony

He fights the bad boys

and brings them to their knees

He patrols the highway from the air

He keeps the country safe from long hair...