Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My final week noon-3 on Air America...

More on that later, but it'll be another action-packed show... with updates from the torture hearing going on in the Senate and the protest in favor of Single-Payer Health Care in DC.

Then we'll turn towards a couple of stories in the news from my backyard... Convictions in the third trial of the Liberty City Six (weren't they originally the Liberty City Seven?).... and Charlie Crist is running for the Senate... Yikes.  I'll speak with my former WINZ colleague, Jim DeFede, about both stories.

In the 1:00 hour, I'll be joined by Kirby Dick, director of the new documentary Outrage, which features the afore-mentioned Governor of Florida prominently.

And in the last hour, my dear friend John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting... we'll talk music and the Performance Rights Act too.. I hope you'll listen live at  And call in too... 866-303-2270