Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jesse for President

Until this week, I never thought of  Jesse Ventura as a serious public servant.  OK, I know he was governor of Minnesota, but I just figured the freezing winter temperatures did something to the voters' brains.  After all, this is the same state that elected Michelle Bachman to the House of Representatives and, six months after the election, still hasn't seated their newest senator, Al Franken.

But Jesse Ventura is currently on a media blitz promoting the paperback release of his latest book, Don't Start the Revolution without Me! 

Although I haven't yet interviewed him myself, I've found myself more and more impressed with him, in every way, and was inspired to produce  a quick salute to the man I'd most like to see run for national office!

See why for yourself:


SoloPocono said...

I thought *I* was the ONLY one thinking like this!! In fact my Repuglican brother was teasing me about it the other day!! I'm sorry I never paid any attention to him before! I just thought it was a "joke"-you know the caricature-the big dumb wrestler turns politician.
NOW-well, if we can't get him to run for POTUS,I think he should at LEAST be considered in the Senate or even the House!! Wouldn't it be GREAT to actually have someone with some BALLZ in there for a change!! Nancy and Harry can join Mrs. Blago in "Get Me Out Of Here"!!
Have a GREAT Day!! Look forward to listening tomorrow!! (right?) PS-they REALLY need to bring you on FULL-Time!!

Kevin said...

Count me in! It was all to easy to dismiss a "pro wrestler", but this guy is witty and seems to have views which accord with mine more than any public figure I've seen. That's simply amazing to me.

What a pleasure to watch him "body-slam" the Irish Ape Sean Hannity!

Barry Schwartz said...

I'm an actual Minnesotan (for the last 18 years) and, believe me, you do not want Jesse Ventura as president. He’s someone you want out there making occasional comments. There are reasons he served only one term, only two of which are that his wife wanted nothing to do with it and that Jesse was spiteful towards everyone. Remember this is the guy who got up and walked out at the Wellstone memorial, which hurt his feelings, and used his hurt feelings as an excuse to do what he always was going to do anyway, appoint Dean Barkley. (I have no complaints about that, Barkley is an okay guy.)

It really irritates me how people can hear something they like and think that this means a person should be president or something. Ralph Nader got seat belts in cars; sure, but he also continually lied about a non-existent equivalence between Democrats and Republicans, and congratulated Barack Obama by calling him an Uncle Tom. Then all of a sudden people want Obama to appoint Bobby Kennedy as AG or whatever, because they like his AAR show, but blissfully unaware of Kennedy’s history of heroin abuse. This is not how to pick our politicians.

David said...

Wow, its great to hear from a guy like Mr Ventura. I don't see how anyone can look at this guy and not see the truth in him. Its all good coming from Jesse and I know with out a doubt that this guy would do well in a leadership position. I just would love to see Rush Fat Back Lint Ball interview him. Rush would never out of fear, or over dose!

Fancy Pants Elitist said...

oh for chrissakes....

Why do you or I care about whether bobby was busted for heroin years ago?

That has obviously not affected his judgement.

loveallwolves said...

You have to like something about the person you're voting for so why not for something he says or thinks. I guess that is exactly what people do - come to think of it. I think their point is this....Jesse is real ! People that "keep it real" scare a lot of people I'd say. They just can't seem to wrap their head around it. Lighten up. I'd vote for Jesse in a heartbeat. I wanted Perot for president and I vote for Nadar every election. I vote my conscience always. If everybody did that instead of worrying about wasted votes we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. This mess is severe. My daughter wants to move out of the country and we don't even watch t.v -truely don't AT ALL- point being we're not media overdosed. She senses the problem.
So "JESSE FOR PRESIDENT". It will be the first time I have ever put a bumper sticker on my vehicle. Hands down, he'll win.