Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day late, and more than a dollar short!

After years of doing morning radio, I thought that being on the air late at night would be easier. Unfortunately, I was mistaken!

Don't get me wrong. I'm having a blast hosting Nic@Night ... Ok, it's really The Nicole Sandler Show, but I couldn't resist the name suggested by listener Brian Davis for my show (for the next couple of weeks, anyway) on Air America Radio weeknights from 11pm-1am ET/8-10pm PT.

Also unfortunately, there's been a problem with the archiving system at Air America, so I haven't had access to the show audio... yet. As soon as I do, I'll post some of the highlights.

I do, however, have this interview from yesterday, as I recorded it before I went on the air.

Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the Watergate break-in. Richard Ben-Veniste, who served as the chief of the Watergate Task Force of the Special Prosecutors Office back in the day has a new book out -- The Emperor's New Clothes: Exposing the Truth From Watergate to 9/11 -- so I called to ask if he'd come on the show, and he did!

Click here to listen to that interview (run time 14:39).

Tonight, I've got a couple of great guests lined up. In the first hour, a guy whose name you don't know, but whose work you definitely do! Jack Tempchin wrote or co-wrote some of the Eagles biggest hits, including Peaceful Easy Feeling and Already Gone.

I met Jack in February at a music industry event called Sunset Sessions. (I'm producing a great video of the conference, which I'll post here when it's done.) He performed, and I had the chance to interview him.

He has a new song on his MySpace page called "Light A Joint", which sparked my interest. So, we'll chat tonight about music, pot, and more...

In the second hour, I'll be joined by one of the funniest guys around, John Fugelsang who, funny enough, also has some thoughts about marijuana!


SoloPocono said...

Hi Nicole, just elaine. GREAT show again, as usual!! WOW-saw the intro, read your post on the movie...while I doubt strongly that that particular movie would EVER find it's way into our local, 2 screen theater, I'm hoping to find it online soon-especially after meeting and "talking" to folks in Iran this week. (I assume you've read about Mousavi's wife's story also?) I'm going to *attempt* to get my hours straightened out a bit tonight. I've found it gets harder and harder the older we get to stay up for 48plus hours at a time. (Like I used to do when in med school, working, and taking care of 3 children on my own...) ahh, age, ain't it great??!! (When do we get to the "wiser" part?? ;) elaine