Friday, June 12, 2009

The Story of John Walker Lindh

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Remember that name? Vaguely?

Some whom I've asked responded quizzically, "Wasn't he the shoe bomber?" Nope. This is the guy who was dubbed "The American Taliban." Do you know what happened to him? Most don't. So don't feel too badly that you have no clue. We'll answer the question today, and what you hear will likely enrage you.

Not because John Walker Lindh didn't deserve punishment. What you'll learn is that he was a naive, young man who was in search of something... but he was also a victim of terrible timing, and a government who doesn't seem to understand basic human rights.

A few days ago, I received an email from a long-time listener. In it, she mentioned that John Walker Lindh is the grand-nephew of her best friend. She asked me to read this piece by Michael Teitleman at, "Why Closing Gitmo Starts in Indiana: Obama, Torture and John Walker Lindh." I did, and immediately contacted the author to invite him on Radio or Not with me.

Next week, I'll be hosting a show on Air America radio from 11PM-1AM ET/8-10PM Pacific. I've put out calls to a few other people involved, including John Walker Lindh's father Frank. Hopefully we'll spend one evening delving deeper into this story.

Click here to listen to today's Radio or Not Podcast, runtime 34:36