Thursday, June 11, 2009

The GOP Energy Plan- A Giant Leap Backwards

Hear today's Radio or Not podcast, an interview with Harvey Wasserman, by clicking here... runtime 13:04

In 1976, a group of musicians and anti-nuclear activists formed MUSE - Musicians United for Safe Energy. In addition to staging one of the best concerts ever, and spawning a wonderful film and album, they collectively helped start the No Nukes movement which, 33 years later, is still fighting to get rid of nukes!

Harvey Wasserman was one of the powers behind MUSE, and he's still doing his part to spread the truth about the dangers of the nuclear industry, and promoting clean energy.

I first met and interviewed Harvey a few years back, when he released the book Solartopia: Our Green Powered Earth, and worked with MUSE members Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash and others to found

This morning, I awoke to a new piece by Wasserman on Common Dreams, entitled "The GOP's 100-Reactor/Trillion-Dollar Energy Plan Goes Radioactive."

Read the piece, and listen to our conversation about it on today's Radio or Not Podcast (runtime 13:04)

Tomorrow, we'll look into the case of the man we've come to know as the "America Taliban" John Walker Lindh. I'll speak with Dr. Michael Teitleman about the piece he wrote for Counter Punch, "Why Closing Gitmo Starts in Indiana: Obama, Torture and John Walker Lindh"