Monday, June 08, 2009

Radio, a postscript

Click here to listen to today's Radio or Not podcast, runtime 15:02

I'm back from a quick jaunt to New York, where I attended Talkers magazine's New Media Seminar. I'm back in front of the Radio or Not controls with a new-found exuberance and excitement over all that is to come.

I have to believe that my feelings are akin to what the early pioneers of FM radio experienced when they were playing songs that went on for 8 or 9 minutes... which would have been a crime on the hit-laden AM band.

Those of us who are doing our thing on the Internet sometimes feel a bit lonely, but after hearing my thoughts echoed throughout the weekend's events from voices far more esteemed than mine, I've been feeling vindicated.

I predicted the rise of Internet radio many years ago. I wrote about it almost a decade ago, when I detailed the move of my then-radio home, Channel 103.1 to the 'net, as, in a piece for the (now defunct) trade publication Totally Adult. Unfortunately for me, I was just too early then. If all the experts I commiserated with this weekend are correct, the technology has finally caught up with the ideas, and the time has arrived.

Tomorrow, I'll be back on Air America radio, filling in for Ron Kuby from noon-3 ET. I hope you'll listen, and listen to today's Radio or Not podcast, with a postscript on the state of radio (runtime 15:03)