Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Record Company President to Activist

Last night on Air America Radio, I had the chance to interview Howie Klein.

During my days as a rock jock in Los Angeles, I had met Howie Klein on numerous occasions. He was then the president of Reprise Records. Although I always knew he was a nice guy and was loved by his staff, I never really had the chance to sit with him for an in-depth conversation.

Howie retired from Reprise in 2001 and, since then, has been making his views known online. He currently edits the blog DownWithTyranny, and takes it a step further as president of Blue America PAC.

Yesterday, I read a piece he wrote on DownWithTyranny called "Why is Health Care Reform Stalling?" Of course, health care reform is one of the biggest issues before us today, so I called Howie and invited him on the show.

Eventhough he's leaving for a month-long trip to Asia today, he spent some time with me on the air last night. Hear our interview by clicking here.